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Sources of Information for Hearthrow in Airport Expansion

Updated on January 5, 2015

To make effective decisions, the authorities of Heathrow will need to gather information from both internal and external sources. In particular, they will need to gather data from internal stakeholders such as the managers and the employees, as well as the external stakeholders such as the government agencies and the surrounding community. As well, the authorities will need to asses formal information, such as the outcomes of discussion forums and informal information, such as the opinions given in informal settings by different internal and external stakeholders regarding the expansion of Heathrow (Ivancevich et al., 2011). They will also need to gather information from the customers of the airline services and the airline companies that use Heathrow. Gathering information from the information technology (IT) consultants will also be vital in order to understand the best IT materials and equipments to use during the construction. Further, the authorities will need to gather information from the suppliers of construction materials and contractors in order to have a good estimate of the cost for the project. In short, the authorities of Heathrow will need to collect all relevant information from all possible.


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