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How to Start A Small Business With No Investment

Updated on January 7, 2014
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I have been a chef for the last 10 years but I enjoy writing as a hobby. I really enjoy writing for Hubpages because it is fun

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate martketing is a simple idea to understand. Basically affiliate marketing is where one person has a product that they wish to sell, in order for them to sell lots of that product they decide to use affiliate marketing. They set up an affiliate scheme whereby they will pay somebody else a percentage for every sale that is made through them. Let us take Clickbank.comas an example. Clickbank allows people to create digital products e.g ebooks and sell them throught their site. Clickbank also allows people to sign up, for free, as affiliates. The affiliates can browse the Clickbank market place and choose a product to sell. Clickbank then give the affiliate a unique link code to the product that they can then post on websites, forums, articles etc. Everytime a customer clicks on the unique links and purchases the product the creator of the product gets a percentage, clickbank gets a percentage and so does the affiliate.

This hub will show you some tips that will help you to become a first class affiliate. It does not guarantee, however, that you will become instantly rich! These things take time.

Starting any small business is usually a very difficult and risky thing due to the fact that you are spending your own money setting up your own business. It is really difficult to get the finances to start a small business in todays economic climate, and even if you are able to raise the funds it is very dofficult to sustain a business.

A startling staticstic!

90% of small businesses fail within the first 3 years.
Although the chances of a buseiness surviving after the initial 3 years exponentially increase. After 5 years a business has a very good chance of survival. But for small businesses it can take several years before you see a decent profit.

The fact that starting a small business is frought with risks and can end up being a complete money sink puts people off trying to start one. The things is there are 1000's of people out there who are discontent in their current job and they wish that they could 'be their own boss' . This is where affiliate marketing can come in handy. With affiliate marketing there are little to no financial costs. It is entirely possible to set up a successful affiliate marketing business without spending a single penny. Most affiliate marketing schemes are free to join. You can write free articles containing the link you have to market, you can create free websites and free blogs and a whole host of other free ways to market your chosen products.

The major cost of this kind of venture is TIME!

You must be prepared to spend hours creating back-links, and posting your links through directories and writing reviews of your chosen product and a whole host of other tedius, but ultimately rewarding tasks. Affiliate marketing is definately not a get rich quick scheme and you may find it takes years to start earning a decent amount of money, but if you keep trying and keep plugging away you could end up makeing $100's or even $1000's each month.

The first thing you should really do is make sure you have plenty of places to post your chosen links and banners.

Try to get yourself the following:

1) A website - you can use a free website builder if you like, but choose the host wisely, alot of the free ones will place their own adds on your site and some of the site do not look very professional when done. If using a free site host try to find one that will allow you to place your own adds on the site, the other main problem with free site hosts is that you end up with a subdomain instead of a domain name eg instead of Having your own domain is alot better although it does cost money, usually it only cost about $2 a month so it is well worth looking into.

2) A blog - blogs are great, they are basically like mini websites and you can get one for free. I have always been a fan of Google's own blog service as it has some really great features to get one go to and sign up for a free account. Blogger is by no means the only free blog hosting service there are hundreds out their with their own selection of unique features just check them out and find one you like.

3) Several social bookmarking accounts - these are great for driving people to your sites and blogs, thus they are great for driving people to your affiliate links. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites the main ones are, and These are all great social bookmarking sites but there are hundreds more that you can sign up for. Sign up to as many as possible and post links to your chosen affiliate product.

4) Several Social Networking accounts - if you are fairly familiar with the internet then you will know what a social networking site is. If you are not, basically a social networking site is a site set up for people of similar interests to interact with each other and discuss similar interests. The most widely known and most popular of these social networking sites is Using social networking sites as part of your affiliate networking campaign is important, you can post links and people that you know will click on them, and maybe even pass the links on to people they know, which will in the end create a kind of viral campaign.

5) Several Article Directory Accounts - these are great for creating backlinks to your site/page. This is called article marketing. All you do is write several 500-1000 word article about the product that you intend to promote, you submit the articles to several article directories and watch as your back-links and your traffic increases. The articles that you submit to these directories are usually used in things like ezines, loads of ezines will pick a decent article and publish it for their own purposes, with the links that you have created within the article. Most of the article directories have a resource box for you to place your affiliate links. If you write loads of articles and submit them to loads of article directories you could eventually see a huge boost in traffic. The important thing is to make sure that the articles are of a decent quality! There is not point in submitting a shoddy article that gives no information to the reader. In my opinion the best article directory to post to is I have had quite alot of success with this site.

6) Other accounts that may be of use - these include website directories specific to your chosen product. Also you should sign up to several forums that are related to your topic because posting your links in a forum that is specific to your topic means that you can gain high quality traffic from that forum.

Once you have these accounts set up and ready to go you are well on your way to affiliate marketing.

You know where to post your links.
You know what programs to use.
You know some easy ways of getting people to check out your links.

What you do not have yet is a product!

Choosing the right product to promote is not easy. Especially when starting out. I found that whn starting out that I had much better results whn I chose a product that I knew quite a bit about and had some enthusiasm promoting. Alot of the time you may find that the products that you know alot about are not huge money makers. Do not give up though. Choose a product you feel comfortable writing about, learn how to sell that product, then use the techniques you have learned to sell products that you have less knowledge about.

Just remember, an affiliate marketing business can take a while to build up. You just have to preserver!

One thing to remember is that when you are writing about a product you know alot about is to try to be creative and try to make it as personal as you can as this will help your customers to trust you and your opinion. Don't forget that what you write is not set in stone on the internet, you can always go back and add more to your articles, or delete. Re-read whatever you write and you will usually think of more that you could put in to expand on the topic.


Whatever it is you are writing, whether it be an article or a website, or even a blog, be very careful not to over load it with banners and links to your chosen product. Too many adverts will make your creations look like a spam page, which is not something you are trying to create. Every link and every banner is an advert, too many adverts = a page that is not asthestically pleasing and will make it more likely that people who view your page will ignore pretty much everything you have to say.


Affiliate marketing will not make you rich over night (unless you are extremely lucky!). You must work hard at it and spend hours posting links to your chosen product on as many different places as is possible. This is why many fail, they do not realise just how much work there is involved. Start out small and expand your empire!

Affiliate Marketing Books


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    • killrats profile image


      7 years ago from Cape town South Africa

      Very Good information that I will most certainly give a lot of thought tpThanks for the info

    • Tony Flanigan profile image

      Tony Flanigan 

      7 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Oops! This is a Hub, not a lens. But interesting reading nonetheless


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