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Turn your Hobby into a Business

Updated on January 28, 2015

Start a business from home

It can be quite overwhelming to some of us to start a business from home. To others it seems like a piece of cake. If you are over 40 and are still part of the rat race, or you are uncertain whether you still have a job in a year or so, it might be time to reorganize your life. Where do you start? How do you get out of that daily ratrace so you can enjoy life more peacefully?

Get out a piece of paper and a pencil and write down all the business ideas that pop into your head. Stay realistic though. Don't write down a business idea that takes a huge amount of start-up money if you don't have any money saved up. There are so many ways you can have your own business or to be your own boss. Some work from home activities don't even require a business licence. Still, you are your own boss, making your own hours, earning a good income.

There aren’t many folks who would say no to an opportunity to make money from home if they could actually see themselves doing it. Many opportunities to make money from home cover the network marketing industry. While that can be a very lucrative business to be in, more people actually lose money than make money. Out of ten people that start with a network marketing company, only one person will stick with it and make money from home selling products and building a network of partners.

What's your hobby?

Network marketing isn't for everyone. And for those individuals who wish to start a business other from network marketing there are plenty of options. But whatever option you choose networking is important whether you do it online or offline. I am not going to discuss every possible way to make money from home because a lot of them will only earn you small change and others aren’t truly a business, such as chasing deals on clickbank and posting those products on a blog. While tons of people make money from home that way and live a life they would have never dreamed about, the majority of people who will try to make money that way, will actually fail.

How about designing a business based on your hobbies and interests. What is your hobby? What interests do you have? Write them down and become creative in finding business ideas most suitable for you.

How to turn your hobby into a business

A lot of hobbies or interests don't require a lot of money to turn them into a business. For less than a one dollar a day you can have a professional-looking website that tells people about your business.Today, it is almost essential that you do have a website to promote your business. But without knowing how to build a website or understand how webpage ranking works, not a whole lot of people will know about you and the product or service you offer. Luckily there are online articles that will teach you about search engine optimization. Some webservices even have a tutorial to help you optimize your page. Understand what it takes so your website is on that first page of the search engines.

Today we are the age of information. People love information. When they have a problem they look for a solution, and your website should aim at providing a solution. For that reason your website should be very informative and of course pass the test of the search engines legally, not illegally.

So what's your passion?

Do you really need a product or service to start a business from home ? Not really. Why not build a business based on a niche that interests you. Maybe you are a horse lover or you are into mountain biking. Maybe you love Kenia. Build a website that gives people tons and tons of quality information because that is what big engines love, quality websites. Once you have built a successful and awesome page about your hobby, you search for ways to make money with that site. The sky is really the limit. Possible ways to make money are google ads displayed on pages. If you have a webpage that is viewed thousand times per day your google earning can replace your current income. That of course depends on the content of your site and the ads. When you first start publishing ads your income will be little but the more visitors the higher your income. To increase your income further you could add products that would help people solve their problem

How much money can you make ? You can make from 1 dollar a month to over 10'000 a month. That is really up to you how well you research your topic, keywords and what services and products you offer. That sounds complicating right ? But it really isn’t because you don’t have to do this all on your own.

Which website provider to choose?

Building a website isn't really that hard but it does take work. You have to do your homework before you build your first page of your homepage. Searching for the right keywords using a program such as word tracker or brainstormer will make all the difference. You may also use google's analytical tool. Understanding which words will help you produce a quality page that will rank high will be part of your success.

There are a lot of website providers to choose from. If you already know the ins and outs of search engine optimization then you might opt for wordpress with hostmonster, for instance. I, personally don't like the look and feel of wordpress but many people have built successful blogs and websites using them.

Homestead is a website provider that has many professional designs to choose from. You can build a very professional website using homestead. If you are very familiar with search engine optimization and would like to build a very professional site, homestead is a good place to start.

If you want to start your business by learning all about website building from getting help with using the right words to all the training required to build a successful site that will, if you follow the instructions, be on the first page of google. This instructional website, helping you build your business in every possible way is a great way for anyone who is not sure where to start. To learn more about this service, go to Sitebuild it from SBI.


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    • Chris Makell profile image

      Chris Makell 

      6 years ago from Danbury, Connecticut

      Good info for those looking to start a business. I have found that the key has been the ability to "think like an entrepreneur" that is the key to success...along with the info you're sharing!


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