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Starting a Party Plan Business

Updated on November 16, 2011

Party time

Earn while having a party
Earn while having a party

Need fresh ideas ?

Are you struggling with ideas on getting started in your party plan business and need fresh ideas rather than just asking family friends and neighbors..... Again...

Or maybe you are wanting to start out in a party plan business so as to have more time for the family .If you are looking at getting into a party plan business then first all think about what you are passionate about.

Plastic containers

Make up



Pick a product that you like and feel you can talk about happily to others and maybe try something different as so many people foe example like to stick to their favourite brand of make up so you need to be a really good salesperson to promote it and do well.

Also keep in mind storage space at home as well as car space .

do you want to be carrying large amounts of goods in & out of peoples houses ?

When you do hold a party are you stuck on how to ask the people attending if they will hold a party for you ?

Here are some ideas for you to try out for your party plan whatever you are doing Tupperware, lingerie or make up   parties these ideas should be of help to you .

Ways to get more clients

A lot of people say they prefer not to bother friends and family & don't know any one else to ask.

There are many ways of finding people via advertising what you do such as

Have a bumper sticker made up for your car.

Go to local garage sales & see if you can leave some fliers there.

Leave a flier on noticeboards in shops , hospitals , garage windows etc

Organise a fundraiser for a local preschool or charity with what you do , offer a % of sales

Ask staff at the local bank, supermarket and others if they will put a flier up on the work notice board for you.

Know Your Product

Spend time learning your products so you can answer questions from potential customers .

Be Passionate about your product .

Show others how your product will benefit them . save them time - money and so on .

Get to know your clients so you can help on a more personal note .

Earn with your own Travel Business from home

Do you enjoy travel- want to work from home as well as be able  to take affordable family holidays when you like?

If so why not try party plan so you can work your own hours around your family and children .

The travel industry is booming and now is a great time to help friends and family save on their accommodation, cruises and much much more .

The great thing with this is unlike other party plans there isn't a lot to carry with you  when you go anywhere and people can join up online when they are ready.

You can advertise yourself or offer a great deal to anyone who holds a party for you at their home.

Where to place Flyers

Take advantage of noticeboards at shopping centres

Hospitals .

Coffee shops other shop windows.

Your local preschool.

Do a local letterbox drop.

Have business cards on you to give to people you meet .

Send out cards Party Plan


SendOutCards Announces a PARTY PLAN Option (SOCBox)


Hello Everyone

If anyone has been looking at SendOutCards yet felt they could not afford the $398 to get involved. There is a new option now that was just announced at the convention in Salt Lake City called the SOCBox .....

We will be able to market a Party Plan Package as a product it will be a $50 commissionable
sale. We will be able to expand our market through those who want to build SOC through a Party Plan model (Note: Nothing is changing with out current MLM Comp plan). As a SOC Affiliate you will be able to enroll people who want to market SOC through the home party model.

Retail Affiliate Plan
Low cost entry for the Party Plan Model

SOC has made a package called the SOCBox which includes a DVD Presentation
and from that DVD they have a business in a box and account for SOC. Includes
credits to send 10 Greeting cards and access to our card editor Picture Plus.

$25 Wholesale $49 Retail ($100 Bonus if you sell 10 boxes That's a total of
$340.00 in commissions once) 30 day activation for the 10 boxes.

(This product has been being tested with some of the leaders in SOC with home parties
for several months with a huge success!)

In a nutshell people can come into SOC through the party plan model and those
people who do this will qualify the business builder commissions and bonuses as
the Home Party Model grows.


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