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Starting a Personal Chef Business

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you interested in becoming a personal chef? Whether you're already working in the culinary industry or if you're just starting to think about getting started in the field, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit to go along with your cooking skills, working as a professional perfect chef just might be the right option for you.

What Does a Personal Chef Do?

Personal chefs are typically self-employed, providing meal preparation services for their clients on an as-needed or on-demand basis. In some cases, personal chefs go into their client's homes to prepare meals, and in other situations they prepare meals in their own kitchens or space that they have rented for clients to pick up or to deliver to them.

The people who hire personal chefs are often individuals who are too busy to prepare healthful meals for their families and prefer hiring someone to do it for them to eating out or picking up takeout too often. Additionally, people who have special dietary needs often opt to hire personal chefs to prepare meals that meet their requirements.

While personal chefs sometimes prepare meals that will be served immediately, most frequently they prepare items for their clients to freeze to serve at a later date. Depending on the contractual arrangement between the chef and the client, meals for a week, a month, or other period of time may be prepared at one time.

Becoming a Personal Chef

If the idea of working as a personal chef and running your own business sounds appealing, the first thin you'll want to do is complete training specific to getting started in the field so that you will be as prepared as possible when you launch your new career.

The American Public and Private Chef Association provides a number of home-study and live seminar training options for individuals who are planning to enter this line of work, as well as continuing education training options for individuals who are already working in the field but want or need to improve their skills.  

The Culinary Business Academy also offers an excellent selection of courses and programs of study designed to prepare people to begin working as professional personal chefs. Live courses are available through schools that have met the requirements to become authorized training centers, and home study options are also available.

In addition to completing training specific to working as a professional chef, you'll also need to educate yourself about what's involved in becoming a successful entrepreneur. website is an excellent resource for access to all the information you'll need to get started down the path to owning your own personal chef enterprise.


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