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How to start a new business and emigrate to Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland in 2012.

Updated on September 5, 2011

Starting a New Business in Lapland

If you’re looking into moving to Northern Sweden or are about to do so, you may well be considering starting your own business. Many people take the opportunity of a new life overseas to begin their own business or start up company. Starting a new company abroad can be a totally different experience when compared to starting a company in your home country. There are a number of essential pieces of information that business owners should know about starting a business in their new country and researching these can make the experience a much more enjoyable and profitable one.

When considering northern Sweden as your new home and the place to run your new business, emigration is much easier in a practical sense than a non EU country. When you’re sure you want to start a company in northern Sweden, it’s time to develop a business plan that will represent your aims and targets for your new business. In Jokkmokk, the business support organization Strukturum would be your first port of call. Strukturum is an organization based in Jokkmokk that provides support for new and fledgling businesses that are located in the Jokkmokk area.

Strukturum will help you form a business plan which will be the key to obtaining financing and maybe even project money to begin your new business. Support is available for accountancy hours, consultancy hours for your business plan, local contacts and introductions and advice on who would be the best organization to turn to for financing and practical issues such as banking, insurance and local commercial property for example.

The local knowledge found in Strukturum can be a gold mine and the support provided by staff there is excellent. This is important as there is no doubt that this local knowledge can be the key to a new businesses success or failure. Strukturum can also provide support with Swedish for your new venture. All staff speak English and will help you with application forms and business related documents and applications. This help is invaluable for the initial period of your new business when you are learning a new language. Free lessons to help you learn Swedish are available in Jokkmokk itself and the hours are flexible.

Strukturum will also help you educate yourself on a broad range of subjects including some courses related to your industry and not just to starting a new business. Research and education on local laws, including employment laws and even through to bankruptcy laws is important to a new business starting in a new country. It is important to be aware of any local and national laws that will affect the progress of your new venture and how long governmental applications, both local and national, will affect the start up of your company. Employment law is also an important consideration for those looking to employ people. If you would like to obtain some initial advice or information, simply email Strukturum via their website. Their services are free and funded by the local government, banks and the EU. 


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