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Starting an internet business online - finding my first job

Updated on January 31, 2011

Perfect Job Plan

I was ready with a business plan and a merchant account, before I find employees and build my business I needed to earn some money online so I can pay my online employees. As I already said to you , I didn’t have a credit card , remember ! I tried searching for online jobs in Google and I found a wonderful website called it is a website where people browse for jobs and bid on it to get jobs

Content creation - a good way to online riches

I am an article writer so I started bidding on content creation projects I was ready to write unique articles for 50 cents each , this is because , I didn’t have feedback , it was hard for me to get jobs , so I had no other way but to do quality jobs for less money and build my feedback. I had to do this for bout a month I was successful to build 7 feedbacks like that. Then I slowly started raising the price.

I did three important things which helped me succeed in freelancing.

One: I always had a list of clients with names and email address, I always had the client information safe with me, sometimes I even had the information of buyers who didn’t buy from me. In my opinion, if a person doesn’t buy your service, then it just means that he didn’t like your service that time or he got a better person than you doing the same service at cheap rate for them. That will not happen every time so every time you have new things to offer inform them.

Two: always have a backup copy of files which you send to your clients. It helps a lot, clients feel that you are sincere to them because when a client loses his files because of some reason and they approach you for help and they get it , they will always be happy and you will be a reputed seller before them.

Three:  try to build your relationship with the client like be a friend to them ( that doesn’t mean you have to chat with them often but add them to your friends list in social networks like facebook . when I started my business orkut was in its peek so I added all my clients in my orkut. This helps a lot , I can know their birthday ,marriage day etc. you can send them a greeting card. You can give them discounted sales etc.

Hope this information helped you

All the Best


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