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Nervous about Starting a new job: Here are some tips on starting your first day

Updated on October 14, 2010

Tips on starting a new job

So you have been looking for work and now you have finally landed the job you have always wanted or maybe you landed your first job and now you are nervous about the first day of work. Well here are a few good tips for you to follow to ease the anxiety of starting a new job, some are common sense some you might not agree with. Tip one is to exercise the day before your firstd day of work whether it is just going for a run or a quick walk or anything just exercise. Tip two would be to eat a good meal the night before and in the morning before you start your new job. Tip three is to arrive a little early for work maybe fifteen minutes early. Tip three is to have a positive attitude, why are you nervous? Is it because you do not know anyone or you might not know what you are doing your first day, well do not think like that. You should look at it this way, no one is better than you and you will learn your new job quickly and you will do a good job. Tip four is to get plenty of sleep, try to get at least eight hours of sleep or maybe ten even so you are refreshed and ready to get the day over with. Starting a new job is not always easy but doing some of these things make it a little easier.


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    • profile image

      JohnOrafa 9 years ago

      I did get a job and to say i was nervous would amount to an understatement.I woke up that morning and for crazy reasons couldn't make up my mind on what to wear,even if i had the previous night pressed out one of my very best shirts and trousers.I was so nervous

      I went online (using my fone) to look for tips and i came here.From the house to work i read all the tips on this page.At the ned of the day i made a great first impression.Thanks to the tips herein.I am really greatful.Its a great job.

    • profile image

      Joan 10 years ago

      It is very nervous time, when you are starting a new job. But, how about going back into the market after years of being a home maker. It seems that even if you have had a great college education and did much multi-tasking as a mother, homemaker and housewife,etc.....rearing a bundle of healthy wellnurtured do not feel cut out for the so called 'real world'. Sure, one has kept a foot in the door...with part-time work here and there, but not the full-time office working positions. Then, what happens when a husband unexpectedly passes away and you are a couple years or so too young for any help with the Social Secuity benefits... it all is complicated ...and it can make a person very nervous to realize that the 'real world' does not recognize the mother and homemake as a working individual. We get no soc. sec. credits for that. It is a shame. Joan htt://

    • Ron2helpu profile image

      Ron2helpu 10 years ago

      I have to commend you on your advice here. Plus, you have some decent advertising to go along with your hub.