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How to stay happy at work - A simple equation

Updated on August 6, 2012

How to be happy at work ?

easy question ?? ....... tough ??

Hmmm ... a common one for sure !

There are heaps of suggestions from all the possible sources - family , friends , counselor , teacher , internet , books .

Where do all these ideas and suggestions come from ?

A common source - definitely ' a brain '

We have one too .. In that case, we too have ideas .

A question like this can be well answered when the mentality of the questioner is understood.

Who can know ourselves better than us ?

So before consulting someone for this Q , lets put ourselves to work .

We'll start with something we know. We are sure of two things

1. A happy person works well .

True ?

And again ...

2. One who works well is happy at work .

Having understood and agreed with the two we can conclude this :

Happy person = Happy person at work .

In that case , we can shorten our Q to : How to be happy ?

Agreed ??

This question seems much simpler .. Isn't it ?

Now, analyze what makes you happy and act accordingly .

And no one else but you can answer this better .

To help you start , below are some tips that resulted from my brainstorming, which I guess would hold good for most of us .

You can share some of your ideas to be happy at work in the comment box below. Will amend them to this article with due acknowledgement ... What say ??

1 . Keep it your way : You need some place to call your own . A place that reflects your mind . It may be a small corner or your little cabin . Design it your way . We like to be in places that are of our kind . Some may place a rose in a vase on the desk or a God's idol. Some may like pasting remainders on the wall . Whatever it may be , pitch your tent ; unless you create a fuss for the others .

2 . Take ownership : Lets make it ours . We all know that even our maid can't work well unless she considers our home to be her's . The moment we take the place as not the property of some xyz firm , but as our own, we build a zeal to work and perform better which in-turn is a  benefit to us . For instance , when there is a bulb to be fixed at home , we do it ourselves and not wait for someone to do it . Why not be concerned in the same way for our work place ? Everything may not be possible . But there are many such instances we tend to snub . Lets take ownership and not wait for someone else to do it . Lets not blame others when something goes wrong . Lets work on it . You can see , once we start taking ownership , we develop love for the place and eventually love our work too .

3 . Build a circle : It always feels nice to be sure that there are people who can help you in your work when needed , support or oppose your ideas , smile and wish every morning , compete in targets , be concerned about you or even play pranks with you . Having such covey make work and life easier . Networking always comes handy .

4 . Say " Its ok " : Accept the odd knocks . None of us are perfect and are prone to make mistakes . Accept them and work on them . Sometimes, you may be blamed for no fault . That's when you need to think the same for the other person . Give him/her time and they'll realize sooner or later . Also, its noteworthy that all are entitled to have there own opinion . Don't feel offended or let down , when opposed . Understand that things are not always in our hands  . Just say to yourself " its ok " , and jump into the routine, not letting such things bother you much .

5 . Go green : Greenery soothes the eyes . The eyes and head are most stressed out parts while at work . Ventilate them .Open the windows , take short breaks ,sip a coffee and prefer greenery . Club together with the team and set up green campaigns during the least work-loaded month . This not only servers your senses, but also adds a social image to your group and subsequently, to your firm.Remember ? Go green is like - be trendy .

6 . Be creative and talented : Jobs these days demand creativity . Even if they don't , its always good to be creative . For you never know ; your creativity may fortuitously take you to the top . Talent counts too . It may be anything ; singing , puppetry , mimicry ; don't shy away . Exhibit it . It boosts your confidence and there is no talent unwelcomed . Be known for something unique and good . Both creative and talented people are well received and respected .

7 . Expectations exist : While diverging peps up our work life , we need to monitor and prioritize our activities such that the expectations of the superiors are met . There can be no substitute for what was told to be done by the boss .  A major reason for stress is not being able to keep up with your commitments . Unkept commitments equal broken expectations . While giving a word , analyze your situation as per your capability and time . Simply put , if your boss doesn't have to chase you , he has more time to praise you.

8 . Hangout : Plan holidays . Its not always necessary to stay home during offs . Hang around with your colleagues and ask your boss to join . This helps build better relationships and there by better work environment, generating satisfied bosses and clients and ultimately - a satisfied you .

9 . You win - I win : Assertiveness is the key ; no matter where you are and who you deal with . Don't be too aggressive or too submissive . A win -win situation is always preferred over a you - win , I - loose or a you - loose , I - win situation . Don't always give in nor expect others to give in . Lets treat others the way we expect them to treat us . Be considerate and seek mutual benefit as much as possible .

10 . The big picture : Dilate your minds horizon . Its vital for us to be capable of looking at things in the big picture . To work effectively we must be able to revise our perception as per the role we play . For instance , we may need to look at things in the team's perspective , manager's perspective , the organization's perspective , or a client's perspective . Sometimes , especially when one goes higher in the hierarchy , one must be equipped with the art of looking at things in the big picture and not get bogged in minutes .


Hope this helped you find your kind of way to make yourself happier at work.

Don't forget to drop in your own ideas and thoughts about this article in the comment box.

Happy and prosperous career !!

Which of these ideas do you actually implement to be happy at work ?

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    • profile image

      maheshtcr1 5 years ago

      Shared some interesting thoughts thumbs up............

    • Preethi Anusha profile image

      Preethi Anusha 6 years ago from Hyderabad , India

      Thank you :-)

    • Richieb799 profile image

      Richieb799 8 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK

      Yes true, Im not 100% happy in my job, but if I manage to meet my goals outside of work I feel better when I go in :) its money until I find something better.

    • profile image

      Pradeep  8 years ago

      this is a great piece of info .. Your ideas are different .

    • Preethi Anusha profile image

      Preethi Anusha 8 years ago from Hyderabad , India

      True ... very true .. thanks

    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 8 years ago from Virginia

      Some good advice here. It's never nice when you have to struggle through a work day and you hate your job and then bring that attitude home!