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4 Steps To Take When You Hate Your Job

Updated on July 5, 2013
Daily stress in the workplace is unhealthy.
Daily stress in the workplace is unhealthy. | Source

Consequences of Working A Job You Hate

Layoffs and lack of work have caused many people to become desperate for jobs. It can take literally weeks, months, or even sometimes years to actually get a job in this economy. Once you actually get hired, you may realize you have settled for a job you really hate. Maybe you just took the job because you were desperate for money or had no other options. On the other hand, maybe you've been working a dead-end job you despise for years. Working a job you can't stand can make you depressed, irritated, and stressed out. Stress can become hazardous to your health, as stress affects the body's metal capabilities by killing brain cells, weakens the immune system, damages the heart, leads to premature aging, and other negative affects. Furthermore, do you really want to be unhappy and stressed out eight hours per day when you could be working at a job you actually enjoy?

Step 1: Measure Your Emotions

Although it seems very obvious, the first step to actually accomplishing anything is realizing that you are not happy at your job, and then deciding to take action. Millions of people hate their jobs, yet make no effort to do anything.You must decide exactly how unhappy are you at your job. Do you dread going to work everyday, and then watch the clock the entire shift? Does your stomach churn every time your boss speaks to you? Is the anxiety of your work so intense that you can't function properly? Those are some indications that you really hate your job. Maybe you just kinda dislike your job for petty reasons, but you've blown them out of proportion in your mind. Seriously think about your job, and then determine how you honestly feel about it.

Step 2: Know Your Options

Once you have determined how you honestly feel about your job, you have to contemplate the choices you have. The choices are very simple: quit or don't quit your job. If you are absolute sure that you don't want to remain at your job, then you obviously have the option to quit the job at your will. It is, however, advisable to have a back-up plan before you quit your job, whether it's another job or source of income. If quitting is your desire, make sure you won't regret losing that source of income. Do the math and figure out how long you can live without that source of income. Can you or your family afford it? Finally, the last obvious option is to keep the job you hate and continue your current lifestyle without planning to find another career or other path. Some people find that financial security is the most important element in life, so the choice is yours.

Having another job available before quitting the one you hate can make the transition easier.
Having another job available before quitting the one you hate can make the transition easier. | Source

Step 3: Make Your Decision

If you have decided to find another source of income before quitting the job you hate, then now is the time to prepare for your next job or career step. Start looking for the job your want or prepare to begin your dream career. Now is the best time to pursue you real goals. If you really want to go back to school and start a new career in a totally different field, this is the best time. The worse thing you can do now is jump into another job you hate! Whether you decide to quit your job right now or find another job before you quit the one you're currently at, plan ahead to do something that makes you happy. Most people switch from one job they hate to another job they hate, living their entire lives being miserable. Your life can be different if you choose what your inner self desires at this point.

Find Your True Life Purpose

Step 4: Don't Burn Bridges (Unless You Won't Need Them Again)

If you have chosen to remain at your current job until you find another better job or career, you may want to keep in good standing with your boss because you might need his or her reference for your next job. Quitting the job on the spot generally guarantees you won't receive a positive reference from your current boss, which can effect how quickly or easily you acquire another job. Although providing a two-week notice is probably your best bet at ensuring a smooth transition into another job/career, the choice is ultimately yours. Every situation calls for its own plan of action. If you feel the need to tell your boss a piece of your mind, then go for it. However, make sure you won't regret your actions later, as you will look foolish asking for your old job back after telling off your boss.

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