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Stress, It's a Killer, Sir

Updated on September 25, 2011

Everyday Stress

 We know where stress comes from: work, family, friends. The question is how to calm yourself from stress. Helping get rid of stress gives us a chance to do better in situations of life. We can go through our lives with better focus and understanding. Stress not only hurts our reactions but also physically and mentally. We cannot focus, always tired and never active enough. Our mind wanders while our body attempts to rest. Our muscles ache, we cannot continue with too much stress. It is not good for your health and life structure. You could say something in the work area to hurt your job. A friend might not talk to you for a week because of how you've acted lately. Worse, your relationship could suffer with family and/or partnerships.

As a perfectionist, I go through a lot of stress. A part-time job, full time student. We go through a lot each day. Through the college experience I have learned a few tricks. Some are common and something everyone has heard before, but others are just little hints.

Physical Therapy

By physical therapy, I do not mean the kind after a surgery. You need a program or even 30 minutes every few days to relax. This program means a calming work out. Now a work out might not be calming to some in any way. However, there are a few theories about relaxation that could help you.

- Take a walk - Walking clears your mind. You are surrounded by nature. The air clears your lungs, gives you more air, and helps you plan your future. Try walking once a day for thirty minutes. If it does not calm you, try something else.

- Yoga - Normally a group issue, yoga causes you to stop, pause, and relax. You stretch all of your weary muscles and learn how to breathe at the same time. Not only do you stretch your body but also your mind. It involves taking a break from your everyday life. The stress and hustle and bustle are over for a moment and all you have is yourself to enjoy.

- Deep Breathing - Taking deep breaths clears the mind. Your body needs oxygen. By breathing in, you are giving yourself the energy you need to process everything that has and will occur. Also breathing in calms you down if you are upset and frustrated. All of that anger and built up frustration needs to be let out. When breathing deeply you are forcing your anger to stall and pushing it back showing discipline and strength.

Tea, Hot Drinks

You have been at work all day, and it was a miserable past nine hours. Your boss is on your butt about a project, something he just told you about, and the due date is next week. The door to your home opens and the familiar scents brush on in. Take a sip of hot black tea. While this tea is known to give some energy, for others it gives them something like a sugar crash.

A few sips and they are sitting down struggling to keep their eyes open. Tea's aid everyone in some area. Green tea helps your skin. Earl gray tea is known to soothe your senses. Research a tea and find which one works better for you. However, black tea is known to calm the largest percentage of people.

Try to find a great hot drink that you love. Hot drinks typically cause women to relax more, especially in the winter. It can be coffee, that is perfectly fine. Just learn the way you like it. That way, you can find it anywhere just when you need it.

The Power of Fantasy

Try reading a book for once. What world do you wish to visit? The questions of mystery, maybe? Or would you like to discover the dirt and hard life of the west? What would be best but to dream of a world with romance of the lover you have never known?

Learn the beauty of words. They can take you away from your world into a new place that interests you. Just like a movie, the hours will pass by. All of your money issues, work problems, everything will disappear for a while and you will be left with the story of your dreams.


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    • Emma Harvey profile image

      Emma Harvey 6 years ago from Berkshire, UK

      Good hub. I am not stress-free myself, so nice to read other people's hubs about it.