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Struggles of Unemployment After College

Updated on February 4, 2015

So, you got your college degree in something awesome and you’re very proud.

Now what?

College degree!
College degree! | Source

You began applying for jobs before your graduation date so you could show off to classmates that “I’m already hired”, but this plan didn’t go the way you thought. Your graduation date rolls around and you still haven’t gotten a call back for an interview. You even emailed or called in to check in on your status, but no one answered.

So, now three months down the road, you find yourself screaming at your computer for a job. Does this sound like you?

Here are more struggles you might find while being unemployed after college.

1. “Two to three years experience needed for this entry level position.”

Am I reading this right? I have to have experience for a position that’s supposed to be giving me experience? Who made up that rule? Does four years of course work count? Doesn’t the fact that I have a DEGREE for this position matter? No?

Okay, I’ll just go cry in the corner.


2. Online Applications.

I hate filling out online applications. They are the worst. You fill out everything from your work history to what school you went to. Then you have to fill out a questionnaire filled with multiple responses to what describes you the most. An hour and a half later, you’ve finished and submitted the application. Six months later, you get a response back saying, “Sorry, we’ve already filled this position.” Thank you, I would have liked this email back when I applied. Or, maybe you didn’t get a response back at all and you’re sitting there wondering did they ever see my application?

Also, to add on to this point, they like to send out an automated email thanking you for submitting your application and asking you to not contact them before they contact you… but every career course I took in college told me that I have to follow up with a phone call or email. Is this a test?

3. Resorting to Part-Time work that doesn’t involve your major.

After nine years of working in retail, I swore I’d never go back after graduating from college. “I’ll have my degree,” I told myself optimistically, “I won’t need to work for retail.” I was so naïve. But because you have so many bills and unexpected expenses you have to pay for, you must find a job at all costs, even if it means retail or restaurants. Oddly, you’re starting to become okay with that.

4. Seeing other people succeed.

You’re scrolling through social media and your college friends or friends from home are posting pictures of their success. Them in front of the building they work at in New York City or having a fun time with work friends at happy hour.

What are you doing? You are wearing your sweatpants, on your laptop, crying, and asking the universe, “Why can’t I have that?”

"I want their life."
"I want their life." | Source

5. Student loans.

Six months after graduation and you begin to panic: STUDENT LOANS. You’ve survived grace period while searching for jobs, but now it’s serious. You scramble to find every quarter, nickel, and dollar that can go towards paying off your loans. You sacrifice haircuts, new wardrobes, and eating out in order to save money. This is when your job hunting becomes desperate.

“I’ll wash the dishes if I have to, just hire me!!!!”

Home sweet home.
Home sweet home. | Source

6. Not wanting to move back home… but you have to.

For me, I’m one of the lucky ones that have a boyfriend with a great paying job, enough to support the both of us while I slave over job applications. He’s been a great sport. But, there were times where I had thought that maybe I should move back home, so I won’t have to burden him any more.

Some people aren’t so lucky. Some people actually have to move back home after trying to land the job of their dreams in the city or state of their choice. When their funds run out after three months and their parents refuse to pay, saying they’d rather have you be at home, they return home with their tail between their legs.

Maybe Mom or Dad can give you a job at their place of work.

It’s better than nothing.

How many jobs have you applied to since graduation?

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