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Four Interview Styles When Hiring

Updated on January 16, 2015
Will you be ready when your job candidates arrive?
Will you be ready when your job candidates arrive? | Source

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When preparing to hire a new employee, having an interview strategy will help keep you on track and focused on your goals. One of the things you need to have firmly in grasp is the style of interview you will be conducting.

The style of interview you conduct will depend on the type of job you are hiring for. For example, a book keeping position will require a more factual or technical bases interview and may even include a test of skills. There are four interview styles:

Situational - These questions gauge how the candidate will handle key parts of the job.

Factual - Used to extract factual information with less emphasis on the candidate’s personality.

Confrontational - Presenting the candidate with a situation that describes a confrontation, you can determine how they react to work-related stress to defuse a problem.

Technical - Used to determine if the candidate has the skills required to perform the job.

Each style requires a different approach and different questions. Once you know what style to use, you can assemble a list of questions to refer to during the interview.

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