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Subject Choosing Freedom in Learning Determines Better Performance in Practical Fields

Updated on October 21, 2015

Primary, secondary, higher secondary and university these are the educational steps for a student to be educated gathering wisdom gradually. Basing on these labels, a student starts his primary education in a certain age. Primary education introduces the preliminary concepts of education with children; secondary label nourishes those concepts in broad sense introducing the basic branches of education like Science, Arts, Commerce etc. But, in higher secondary label a student is to give his choice of which branch of education he likes to read in. For example, if he wants to read in science he is to read Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics etc. related with principles of science. In university label the final categorization of student-choice takes place. Here a student is to take a certain topic of a certain branch to learn more to be higher educated in that particular topic. For example, in this label he as a student of science can take Physics or Chemistry or Biology or Mathematics. Student faces different problems in the exercise of his freedom of choosing subject in different educational labels.

Parents have a desire to lead their children to a certain stage of particular life. They have particular choice about the profession of their respective children. After giving birth to children, parents start to keep dreams about the future posts of professions of the children. Here the first mistake takes place. They begin to choose the children future professions without any measurement of capabilities and desires of them for their given professions.

Most often students are in short of proper opportunities to read their favorite subjects in their educational institutions in their living areas. From their childhood subjects to which fascination is grown up gradually are different from subjects offered to by the parents or available in the institutions. This is why students are not fully attentive in their study. This leads to a disastrous career. Many experts have suggested this as one of the primary reasons for being failure in their career. It is because when you are taking something as profession which you are not satisfied from mind, then it becomes next to impossible to shine in that field. On the contrarystudents who build up their career in desired subject field are found out be more successful comparatively. This is because they are doing the thing they like and are passionate about. That’s why the results are coming in the positive direction. If you, as a guardian, want to get the best for your child, then there are scopes for you to deal with this issue. But you will need to be extremely careful and smart while doing so. Otherwise your child will end up being up a failure.Here we will suggest a few things you can do as a guardian to get the best out your child:

Nurse is a great job

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1. Do Not impose your desires on the child

First of all, don’t impose your thinking or desires on the child. If you do so, you will fail the first step and the whole process will be a distraction.

2. Which subjects or sector your child is good at

From the very beginning, try to have a careful watch on which subjects or sector your child is good at. Also he/she should have interest in that subject. You must have a study about the future career aspect of that particular subject or sector. If your assumption, which will be based on the current career situation of that subject/sector, tells you that your child will have not a good future with it, you must sit with him/her and explain it with utmost care. You should give your point of view and logical referencing and listen to the ones of theirs. Thus you can come to a conclusive decision in this very important matter.

3. Make the correct choice

If your child is hesitant about which subject/sector to choose, you must try to help him/her put so that they can make the correct choice. For this you will need to have a thorough study about the current successful career trends and the ability of your children to cope up with it. You can also discuss with successful personnel of that profession to get a better idea.

4. Discuss with the teachers

Another best option is to discuss with the teachers of your children. Because teachers are the architects of the students. They know the educational; condition of the students better than anyone else; even parents. Because they deal with thousands of students in their whole teaching career. As a result they can easily look into the inner depth of kids which no one else can hardly do. If the teachers approve your child’s choice, you should hardly have any doubt regarding the choice. But if the case is opposite, you must consult the teacher and make a meeting in presence of both teachers and the child if needed. This will help the teachers to explain why they do not approve your child’s choice and offer some better alternative. Though the final choice must be always in the child’s hands.

The proper combination of guardian and students in the decision making process is very crucial. There are several advantages of a student taking his chosen subject/sector as career:

1. First of all, the student grows up making his/her own plans for their future. As the subject/sector is the desired one, they make plans and take steps accordingly. This make them mentally prepared right from their young age about their future career expectations.

2. When a student knows that he/she is getting the option of building up career in his/her chosen track, he/she gets an extra boost in confidence. This helps them to face any kind of tough situation that comes as obstacle in reaching their goal.They become prepared to fight all kinds of hardship.

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If students get the chance to choose their desired subject/sector as profession, they have some responsibilities to fulfill their dreams. Otherwise this opportunity can go in vain. Here we will discuss the responsibilities in brief:

1. When a student gets this golden opportunity, he/she is sure that family and teachers are backing up the decision. So he/she should not show any kind of laziness in any his path to success. He/she should make a foolproof plan and spend every minute and second to execute the plan. Otherwise time will go away and the plan may be void. Most of the students getting the golden option of choosing career in their desired subject/sector fail because they lack proper utilization of time.

2. They should have alternative and backup plan. For example, if plan A fails, then there must recovery plan B. the more number of backup plans a student have the better the chances of successful career increases. Researches have shown that students who get the chance of building up career in desired subject/sector and have different backup plans reach the peak of success often.

3. They should try to do different courses related to their profession. The more they do courses, the greater the chances of becoming a successful professional in respective field.

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Successful Professions In Different Leading Countries


In USA, many professions are popular among the students. Unlike most other countries, the most successful profession is of the dentists. Their average mediansalary is $146,340. Next is that of the nurse practitioners with a median salary of $92,670. Software developers have a median salary of $92,660.


In UK, major organizations’ head are the most successful with a salary of£97,626. Almost 14.7% people are involved in this profession. Next is the position of medical practitioners with a percentage of 2.4%. Their salary is£80,266. The aircraft pilots are third in the list who possess 6.6% of the people with a salary of £68,467.


Mining and forestry managers are the most successful in Canada with a median salary of $108,805. Then come the list of oil & gas dealing supervisor with a median salary of $ 79.040. Air traffic controllers are also leading the list with median salary of $87,360.

Firefighter a respectable challenging profession

So you can easily understand that subject choosing freedom can be a crucial factor for building up a better career. This provides the student with different kinds of options through which they can achieve their goal. A long term planning will help them successful personnel in their respective sector. So if you want to build your career in desired sector, start the proceedings from now on!


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Wonderful analysis of the importance in choice in one's curriculum.