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Submitting Articles To Article Directories

Updated on September 9, 2014

Optimizing Your Websites For Higher Rankings And More Traffic

If you're trying to make money online by creating websites that promote products and have Adsense on them, you need to properly optimize those sites so they get high search engine rankings for your main keywords. High rankings will lead to more traffic and, hopefully, more clicks and sales. One major part of search engine optimization is getting incoming links to your sites or blogs from other websites. You can buy links or exchange them, but getting one-way links is easily the best way to properly optimize your website.

There are a few different ways to get one-way links to your websites. You can try asking other webmasters for them, but how many will actually do that for you as trading links is looked down upon by the major search engines. A lot of site owners add their links to blog comments, but most blogs have "no follow" tags so your links won't get any juice from their PageRank. Without a doubt, the best way to get one way website links is submitting articles to article directories.

Submitting Articles To Article Directories

Submitting articles to article directories is, without a doubt, the best way to get one-way links to your websites and blogs. The major search engines love unique content, and submitting articles to the top directories not only adds content to them, but also allow you to add links to your website or blog in the body of your article or in the resource box. As long as the articles you submit to article directories are rich in quality content and get approved, you'll get one-way links to your site.

It's free and easy to join article directories and submit articles to them. You need to submit articles with unique, high quality content so your article gets approved. Check the submission guidelines of every directory you submit articles to. The majority of them allow 2 or 3 links to a site you own but don't allow affiliate links. Some article directories allow you put links in the body of your articles, some only allow links in the resource box. If you have an article that doesn't get approved by a directory it may be because of where you placed your backlinks or the amount of of them you put in. simply editing your article should get it approved.

Another great thing about article directories is that you can use the articles found at them for content in your own websites. If you use articles from the major article directories for website content you can't modify them, so you will have duplicate content. Of course, this also means that there's a chance that somebody else may use the articles that you've submiitted for content on their websites, which will get you more incoming one-way links since they can't modify the content or the links.

Top Article Directories

When you submit articles to article directories it's best to find the top ones. When you get articles accepted by directories with a high PageRank the one-way links you get will be more valuable than getting links with a low PageRank. Ezine Articles is the best article directory to submit articles to. Some other great ones are Articles Base, GO Articles, and Article Alley. For a comprehensive list of the top article directories visit this article directory list.

Article Submission Software

When you start submitting articles to article directories you may find that it takes too much time to sign up and submit to every directory separately. Fortunately, you can save a lot of time by submitting articles to many directories at the same time by using article submission software. However, the major search engines may frown on this if you're submitting the exact same article to many different directories. Nowadays, you can find article submission software that will create unique articles for you and submit them to many high quality directories. If you take advantage of this, you can get higher rankings and more website traffic quickly.


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      Sugar 3 years ago

      You mean I don't have to pay for expert advice like this anmeyro?!

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      Action requires kneogedlw, and now I can act!

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      DJArifrocks 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Writing a high quality article is never been easy, but I'am sure that if anyone use this strategy then he will success.