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Success University Scam?

Updated on October 18, 2011

Success University

Chances are if you're reading this, you want to know if Success University is a scam and if you should get involved.

In case you don't know what Success University is, well here's what they say about their opportunity:-

"Success University is the world's first online learning company devoted exclusively to personal development and entrepreneurialism."

The company was founded by a guy named Matt Morris and uses the network marketing or MLM model.

I remember joining Success University about 2 years ago before I knew anything about online marketing. They had the Success University special $2.00 offer where you sign up for a 14 day trial at 2 bucks.

So I was able to take a peak at what was taught at Success University and how you actually made money. Basically it was a lot of empowerment and personal development stuff like they say but my main goal was to make money and I wasn't getting anywhere.

I guess 14 days wasn't enough - I cancelled Success University before they could charge my credit card for a $49.95 monthly fee.

Is There A Success University Scam?

Well, to be honest I think calling Success University a scam can be little bit harsh.

But there are some really bad reviews of Success University that go as far as calling it a scam and I don't think they are without reason.

Why do some people think SU is a scam?

Just like me, they may have tried it with the intention of making money online and realized that it just wasn't their thing. But that is hardly reason to call anything a scam. If you give something a fair try and it doesn't work as it should then maybe.

The problem with Success University is the whole model, how you're supposed to make money. SU is set up like an MLM program which makes it very unattractive to most people. The thought of recruiting people to make money, building a downline and 'showing the plan' just isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Why it may not be the best way for you to make money?

Success University's main strength is that it uses the power of the internet to build its network marketing business. This makes it easier for members to build their downlines doing away with traditional network marketing standards.

However if you know nothing about marketing then you're going to have a hard time promoting Success University. Knowing how internet marketing works is very essential to your success as a Success University member and that is something I hadn't seen them teaching when I signed up. At least not the basics.

So is there a Success University Scam?

Not really, but if you're like me and you see MLM as a turn off then this is not the type of opportunity you'd want to get involved with.


How You Can Make Money With SU.

In most MLMs there is always a few people who know what they are doing and who are making money. They know the 'secrets' and usually have huge downlines and cash big checks.

The good news for you is that you can use the same 'secrets' they are using to make money with Success University. I happen to know two very successful members of Success University and they have something in common.

Mike Filsaime
Mike Filsaime

Who's making money with SU?

You might have heard of The Rich Jerk before or maybe Mike Filsaime. These two guys have something in common. They are very successful and wealthy internet marketers. They know a lot about online marketing and both have released very successful products before.

Every month they sponsor hundreds of people into Success University and are even Top performers on SU.

How are they doing it?

Because The Rich Jerk and Mike Filsaime know how to promote Success University better than most of the other members they have an edge. Because they know how internet marketing works they have unlocked the secret to making Success University work for them and others.

If you want to be earning huge 4 and 5 figure checks every month like The Rich Jerk, Mike Filsaime and their team then you will have to take the time to learn internet marketing.

Best Way To Make SU work

By learning internet marketing, you will have the same edge over a majority of the persons who sign up for Success University since you'll be in the position to build huge downlines effortlessly and earn big checks.

You will also be able to teach your downlines the same methods so that they will not give up their memberships because retention is the way to make MLMs work.

The other benefit to learning internet marketing is if you already think Success University is a scam or MLM isn't for you then you will have the knowledge to make money online in a legitimate way thousands of people are making 5 to 6 figures every month without having to recruit people or build downlines.

Get Ongoing Training in Internet Marketing

ne of the best resources online to learn internet marketing is the Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University.

It is even more affordable to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate than to be a member of Success University and the potential to earn a substantial income is even better not to mention you need the internet marketing education that Wealthy Affiliate offers in order to succeed with SU.

Wealthy Affiliate offers courses and tutorials and has an members forum where you can get ongoing support

Wealthy Affiliate members are reporting their first internet sales and even go on to make posts such as their 'first $1000 month', their first $2500 day, quitting their jobs and even becoming a 'part of the $10,000 club'.

Learning internet marketing through Wealthy Affiliate is a great alternative to becoming a Success University member and you can even go on to join the ranks of The Rich Jerk and Mike Filsaime if you decide to give it a try.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate


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    • Leds profile image


      6 years ago from France

      quite an interesting.. worth debating. Great that you have bought in this topic for discussion.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      yes it is a scam. they took all my money then they closed down the website. i want my money back!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I tried it and failed. I tried it again when I saw an ad that tells that he will send you downlines even if you don't do anything (very famous guy) . Don't get me wrong I tried my best to get even one downline but it was toiling in vain. Some marketers simply do not understand that it is REALY tough to bring in even one visitor per day. They talk about how you convert the traffic when you have only 7 visitors per day or less. So I think there is a big misunderstanding or I don't know what you call it.

      Anyways What worked for me was presenting people what they want. Like writing review articles about some product. When It is a launching product it works even better because I can easily bring my article to page one.

      So far I am going this way but with a mediocre earnings. At least I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel after long 4 yrs. Thank you Jesus.

    • profile image

      Julie Eley 

      8 years ago


    • Income for Life profile image

      Income for Life 

      8 years ago from WA

      You Tube link above didn't go directly to the Nike apologies..trying it again:


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      There are a lot of good affiliate programs and businesses out there, it your instincts are telling you something or you see some red flags then just pass on the offer. Not every business is going to appeal to everyone, but if your passionate about what your promoting then more success to you! Here's my tip...

      How to Find A Good Opportunity?

      1)Know How the Compensation Works

      2)Can you Comfortable Afford the Investment?

      3)Can You Contact the Owner?

      4)Do You have Realistic Goals Set in Place and Scheduled Daily Tasks to Meet Your Goals in the business?

      5)Know How Much You are willing to WORK to promote your business.

      6)Consider Getting involved with a Team

      7)Are you willing to be Trained in Marketing and follow a System

      8)Research...Have there been complaints by others who have not been paid their commissions...Don't confuse this with those who complain they did make money in the program-People who complain like this blame a good system for their own failures to make money. Is it all over scam reports?

      9)Trust Your Instincts...just make sure your being objective and not a negative skeptic.

      ....I'm sure there are a lot more ways that could be expanded on my list above in making sure your joining a good opportunity. There are also a lot of free resources on the internet and local library/bookstore if your looking for motivation and how to resources on living an exceptional life.

      Here's something I found that's free recently on YouTube I found it very motivational Nike Video:

      But the Author of this post is right. Marketing is key and essential in any online business. And if others find SuccessU profitable or even a good program...then Great!

      But Marketing is crucial. That's why I only profit from the best internet marketing. Period. There are a lot out there but this has been tested, tried, and it only cost me a one time 10 bucks to get the best. I piss that away on any given day on junk I don't really need.




    • profile image


      8 years ago

      University of Success is straight up the definition of MLM SCAM!!! it violates the DSA code of ethics and just screams SCAM!!!

    • profile image

      Brian Naidoo-CEO Wordworks Emerging Leadership Corporation 

      8 years ago

      I am not a member of Success University but I can tell you that I have learnt a lot from the dvd's and cd's and as a life coach and entrepreneur I have gained insight that have made me go out and try and I have succeed in making things happen. I have just developed an African created social networking site called and I also have bought and in the process of creating new interactive web designs and site. I started with just the motivation and it is brilliant. All the information was given to me to just listen and I heard....... I guess you caught that..

      CEO - Wordworks Emerging Leadership Corporation - Durban South Africa -LEADING CHANGE BY CHANGING LEADERS.

    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      SU is a genuine educational resources for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of marketing, leadership and personal development.

      I have used the programme previously and would certainly have no issue in endorsing it but I'm uncertain as to it's long term sustainability as a business model for the vast majority.

      The problem SU faces (as does the thousands of other MLM companies out there) is simply one of competition, online opportunity and business builders fighting constant attrition.

      Even those at the top wil see their businesses plateux after a couple of years and the promise of 40,000 per month with SU will most likely be just that, a promise.

      Use SU as an education tool and find a business model that pays you up front for your efforts using a GPT model and not a traditional MLM model and you'll be much happier with your lot.

    • profile image

      gladys nobesuthu 

      9 years ago

      im gladys and i unemployed also im allready register to gloria ockoro in kenya

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      About the $2 dollar trial, it's still available. That's how I got into Success University a month ago :-o I knew about this program a few years ago but never thought of enrolling on an MLM until I saw a website that shows an recruiter award and a screen copy of this guy's downline. This is his page:

      Since he promised to build part of your downline, guess what, I enrolled. On the second day he emailed me telling me that he had placed 4 people under me, now I have 21 all placed by him and another upline sponsor.

      By the way Success niversity is merging with another larger company, WorldVentures.

      I'm still a member and following his instructions to get people under me and am also teaching my downline to get the same results.

      I was also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I do really recommend it.

    • profile image

      Google Biz Kit 

      9 years ago

      I've come across many reveiws that come to the same conclsion as this and frankly I'm not surprised given the way that they do business.

    • kpfingaz profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from ~~~

      Don't worry about it Jimmy. After rereading the comment I realized that there was something 'off' about it. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Jay, just wanted to clear something up. I never meant to call your article 'trashy' as you know, just got confused about which blog I was writing on. Cheers for the info about Wealthy Affiliate you sent - looks great!

    • kpfingaz profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from ~~~

      Jimmy, you need to re read my article...with an open mind. I pose the question about whether or not SU was a scam. I said I didn't think scam was the word and that there are people who do make Success University work. I also mentioned how persons can make it work.

      Honestly, I don't believe in MLM systems. I'm having more success with internet marketing and the fact that you found this article is proof in itself that what I do works. I looked at your Squidoo article and honestly it needs a whole lot of work....a whole lot. I'm not going to knock what you do however. I wish you the success that you are pursuing.

    • profile image

      Jimmy Wightman 

      9 years ago

      This article is wrong on so many levels and it saddens me to think that so many people, who could potentially have their lives transformed by SU, may miss out due to a scare-mongering article from a trashy tabloid. My advice: Do it! Grab hold of life and live it with a passion. Throw yourself in and don't be afraid to fail. Read my Squidoo article and see how SU has changed my life. Out of approximately every 10 people I tell about SU, 4 sign up. Out of every 10 who sign up approximately 3 really grab it, run with it and transform their lives. The ones who don't are usually just not in a place in their lives where they really want to make a real and lasting change or they just don't really believe in themselves enough to make things happen. Those people usually cancel their membership (no questions asked) and carry on living their lives, no harm done. The other ones (like myself) become more than they ever thought possible. I always considered myself a follower until I joined SU. Having constant contact with successful, wealthy, open minded people has given me the courage to become a success myself because I no longer fear failure. I've just turned 29yrs and one of my life goals currently relates to turning 30. On that birthday I want to be on holiday, in a beautiful and luxurious location, watching a sunset with my girlfriend safe in the knowledge that I have lasting financial security which will last my whole life time. With SU this will become a reality. If you don't want to join me then I wish you every success in whatever it is you do.

    • profile image

      Valen Vaughn 

      9 years ago

      I do wish to apologize though IF I may appear alil harsh (in my above post) when I claimed I was one of those LOSERS who blames my failures on others in general.

      If you fail because you quitted due to the lack of results, you are NOT a Loser and being hurt at failing is understandable. Probably one of the reasons is that your Upline doesn't really care and treats you as a mere digit in their downlines. OR you cannot make it due to various aspects. Trust me... It is understandable that any of you are so hurt at watching others making $$$ while you ain't.

      However, if one continues to blame others then he/she is a complete loser and won't survive in any competition. Working paycheck to paycheck is prolly better for them.

      I find the better way of handling the set-backs one meets in any MLM is to NEVER treat it as a full-time job or as a source of your main income if it isn't stable yet. And of course, treat it as a game. Take it as if the amount of money you are investing in mthly as an extra (even though I know how hard $$$ comes by these days) while waiting patiently for your investment to show positive/negative results according to your efforts. Believe me when I say this: It will be alot easier for you when you realize that every biz has a risk element and are not afraid to lose what you invested.

      Only then will you become one of those great people making tons of $$$one day just because they finally found what works for them after numerous failures.

      To increase to probability of success in any MLM, you need a good upline who truly cares about you and gets to know you better, rather than treating you as a mere digit.

      Lets face it: If you don't make $$$ neither does your upline. Same applies when you are someone's upline. Show them you truly care about their success else they won't even bother and feel uncomfortable.

      Now, lol why haven't I joined SU? Hmm..

      1. I am lacking confidence in myself after facing 2 failed MLM tries, so I will need time to get it back together.

      2. I still do not have enough confidence in SU yet and until I do have confidence in myself and in what they are offering, I can NEVER convince others to feel the same.

      3. Yet to find a good good upline who meets my requirements. (I am picky lol) Ultimately I have to be picky about choosing the right upline to guide me since I believe that it takes two to clap and work together to be successful. Sadly not may uplines in MLMs really knows what they are doing thus they lose their downlines gradually.

      After going thru enough failures in my efforts, at least this is what I have learnt so far, and I hope that you may find some enlightenment in it. :) Cheers!

    • profile image

      Valen Vaughn 

      9 years ago

      LOL! This is getting interesting. If any of you is wondering,no I am not a member of SU yet but soon. Seriously, I used to have the same bloody mindset as those who failed in MLM. simply because I was one of those losers who expects him/herself to be spoon-fed JUST because my ex-upline tells me how much I can make and such but not emphasizing much about WHAT I need to do to make it happen.

      I would say, either my efforts in other previous MLM schemes are not enough OR I wasn't confident enough in their products due to the over-hyped attitudes instead of being realistic on the efforts which needs to be involved.

      However, I have been studying alil on SU, it all seemed alot more easier that the prev MLM I have joined. But until I join SU, only then will I have a first-hand experience to comment about it.

      As for scam... I think its a very harsh word. What doesn't work for you may work for others. A scam is something illegal or some products they did not deliver after you made payments. THAT is a scam. Even if a site promises results and money blah blah, but IF you refuse to follow systematically and persevere, you won't stand a chance.

      LOL! Its like telling Jesus that he promised you salvation just because you say Amen everyday YET doing all sorts of negative things, and THEN calling him a scammer when you end up in Hell! Gawd...

      I believe in no matter which biz you are in, real-life/online...there is always an element of risk. Nothing is fool-proof else there won't be any people in poverty. No pain no gain...if one refuse to accept failures in life, then he/she learnt nothing. Ask yourself this: What did I do wrong? Why others make it and I couldn't?

      Blaming others won't get you ANYWHERE in life.

      One advise I would give if you are gonna invest time/effort in any biz is RESEARCH. You will save alot of time and effort that way.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Dear oh dear indeed....

      Naz, you sound like another one of these people who blame others for YOUR failure.

      I agree - go and work hard for a living...

      Now tell me, how long have been working hard for a living?

      And how's that working out for you?

      Tell me how wonderful it is and how it's enabling you to achieve all your hopes and dreams...


      What? You're living pay cheque-to-pay cheque?

      What? You're not getting anywhere?

      What? You're only just making ends meet?

      You mean to tell me you've been working hard all this time and you've got nowhere?

      Sounds like a scam to me....


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Dear oh dear this was one of my worst experiences. They totally do a good job of giving you hope and play on your desires to earn more money. As a student I found myself in a hall with hundreds of people, most of whom were also students. Students as you know usually do not have much money so SU would have seemed like the easiest way to earn money with the lack of time students have to do full time jobs. Kalpesh spoke for hours and hours. I was getting exhausted. He expected an applause for everything he said and after all that he had not even explained properly what the real deal was. He is dodgy. I found myself curious about why everybody else was so positive and sure about it. This was my second attending by the way. The first time I was trusting my friend who had been totally taken over by this toxic waste. I had to pay £10 for a meeting I knew nothing about. The second time I paid £5 because I was now a 'member'. Kalpesh advised I must attend the meetings twice a week every week for a year. So take £10 a week plus the travel which seems to increase all the damn time so we are looking at about £20 a week, making it £80 a month which is about £4000 a year. Now I am one person, imagine all the money they make from the meetings. Hiring out a hall for fresh faces must seem like nothing compared to all the money the fresh faces paid to attend. Even if the people go home and decide against it, the SU has still taken their money along with the other 1000s who attended.

      I broke up with two friends who had got me involved in this, I lost faith in them and cannot forget how much money I lost because of them, Kalpesh and his rubbish.

      Please stay away from this. Its better to work hard for your money instead of giving away your money and chasing no returns.

      By the way - Kalpesh, you are an asshole and I hope you lose everything. You have ripped of thousands of people including the people who defend you and that scheme today. One day this will come back to you and you will be a broke old man with nothing.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Michelle,

      just stumbled across this hub page as I am learning about it in terms of internet marketing options. I saw your post and just wanted to say that there are many older generation students who study at Success University and who use the PC of their fellow members to access the learning centre and who, if they are serious about promoting it amongst others, attend local events designed to do the work behind word-of-mouth advertising for you.

      I am from the UK and we have a great support team here with events around the country taking place nearly every day, our team spread into Africa and other countries and applies the face-to-face model there too for those who do not understand the internet network marketing industry, which I beleive is saturated anyway...Nothing beats the personal contact and the enthusiasm of the person talking from their own heart and experience.

      To finish this post off, Success University must not be forced onto others, just anyone, because not everyone is ready to embrace the new mindset and change their life. There is a lady in the UK, who is ove 60 years ols, who speaks bad English as she is an immigrant form Phillipes, who has created a team of over 1000 studetns last time I checked - it will be more now. She reched the level Of Executive Director in 1 year. She did it because she was looking for an opportunity having retired from her life's job as a nurse and having no proper pension. She found herself in Success University and hence she was successful.

      If you love what you do, you will succeed in it no matter what.

      Hope that has helped you a bit...

      Blessings, Jana

    • profile image

      collins owuor 

      9 years ago

      Success University is a wonderful opportunity through which you can achieve great knowledge which if applied can change your life completely.As for the income associated with it, it demands a bit of effort from you.If one is not ready to put fair share of work in anything, there is no way it can pay him/her.So let it be clear to all people who are spreading negative news on Success University yet they have not even joined it to have a feel of what it can offer you, please try the two weeks trial programme for only 2 usd, then after that one can make informed decision.Please visit;

    • profile image

      Michelle JHB 

      9 years ago

      My mom does not have internet or know anything about marketing let alone online anything and they approached her to join?... She does not even know how to use a computer?

    • profile image


      9 years ago


    • NTC profile image


      10 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Thank you for clearing this up!

      I think a solid Internet Marketing foundation must help with Success University!

    • profile image

      Shane Hunte 

      10 years ago

      Yes, I am a success university member but I am not ignorant and bias. The program has tons of resources to help you start out on you internet marketing campaign and depending on your leadership i.e your upline, you are given a lot of help to promote your business by copying their success.

      If you don't succeed they your upline will not succeed either so all the B.S about the program being a scam, need to stop. Just say that you haven't given it a fair try and you achieved no results because of the lack of effort you put into building a strong sales team.

      It amazes me how people can be so stupid to try to ruin others peoples hopes and dreams of success with bad advice. You tell people it is a scam because that is what other people are saying. For christ sake, grow up and start formulating your ouwn damn opinions. You have a brain, it is time you people use it.

      Just to strengthen my point a bit I want to challenge anyone of you biased scam degrading visitors to join my team through my url and see how my team operates and how we help each other create a downline and income.

    • profile image

      Michelle Hembree 

      10 years ago

      Success University is the #1 Online Personal Self Development company in the world. SU uses Direct Network Marketing to grow the business thereby offering a very successful and lucrative home business opportunity to anybody who has the want and desire to be financially independent and successful.

      Direct marketing/MLM or whatever you want to call it is a very successful business model that puts a majority of it's advertising money back into the wallets of those who build the business thereby giving ANYBODY an opportunity to build their own business.

      Success University also donates a portion of the tuition to Feed The Children - an organization that takes care of the worlds neediest children.

      The world's economy is in big trouble. Continue down the hole with it or rise above, join Success University and never look back.

      I am a proud member of a great, supportive team of some of the best people you would ever want to be associated with and we will help you and anybody else who wants to have a very successful business.

      Send me an email if you want more information or for an interview to join my team or go to see for yourself.

      Success to you all.

    • profile image

      azim anasari 

      10 years ago

      Well, In dont agree. I am not saying that Wealthy Affiliate Internet marketing wont work. Off course it will, if its done properly. What I dont agree is Success University is a scam. Success University the same thing, and yes it works. Only if you belive in it, trust it and passionate about it. And no one can make an income without work. so if you are looking for some company or firm that will pay you 1000s of dollars for just paying 50$ a month, STOP LOOKING. Because no such thing exists. But if you are willing to learn and work without having a doubt in your mind that its a scam, then yes you can make it. Weather its success Univertsity or any other genuin network marketing business. I am a part of Success University and I believe in it. email: .You may write to me if you are intersted in Network Marketting and I can provie you with more information

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Well I don't own the SU But I do recognize some of the trainers and they are top notch trainers in the industry in personal development. Personal development is one of the best things you can do for yourself to help your business. I personaly wouldnt promote this product as my main business just cause a 50 dollar program is going to take multiple thousands of members in your downline to make the big bucks... I may try it out to gain mindset training and apply it for my other more profitable and high converting programs... But yes Internet marketing training is key to learn so if it doesnt offer it you will have to find it somewhere else... I have plenty of different training videos on my youtube channel you are welcome to learn from here:

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      For you 'scientific rockets' out there.....what business IS NOT set up as a pyramid!?!?! Who makes the most money at a bank? In a school system? A teacher or the supt? At a real estate office? And on and on. The fact is that MOST businesses pay people at the top the most money. It might surprise many of you to note that there are several networking opportunities that in fact do afford people in the 'downline' the opportunity to make MORE MONEY than those people above them. Please have a clue before you make generalizations. Don't always rely on what your BROKE COUSIN OR BROTHER-IN-LAW tells you! Dont take financial advice from broke people!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      They do make it easier than it sounds, but it is very possible. I am earning over $1,000 per month after just a few months with Success U. My team and I are about to launch a very powerful recruiting system to use with Success U. and my income will easily quadruple in the next 60 days. If anyone is interested grab a 14 day trial through my link and I'll help you do this personally.

    • profile image


      10 years ago


    • profile image

      Larry Rivera 

      10 years ago

      I think people over complicate the simple. Success University like anything else online is just a affiliate program. I agree though that to be successful with success university or Any Online business for that matter you need to marketing skills to pay the bills..

      The real deception is telling anyone that they can make money online very easily. That is only partly true. Here is the best advice I can give anyone who wants to start any online business including success university.

      Seek out mentors who will take the time to teach you, if you are willing to learn there are plenty of people out there who will teach you their trade..Just be sincere and ask nicely.

      I successfully promote success university among other Affiliate programs, I like success university because it teaches core truths that everyone should understand.

      I learned how to become a extrememly effective networker because of them.

      So I guess you could call me a internet marketer turned networker, or I like to say I am just a internet network marketer...

      "sounds like a pyrmid scheme" It is a pyrmid and why is that a bad thing? Sadly mis-information plagues the internet. I make money with success univeristy because I have real "skill" at marketing online. I consider a scam anything that is illigal according to the united state laws... Success University is in the business of helping people and sell "real products". The compensation plan allows the average to make above average income, I like to call that the american dream.



    • ricklim profile image


      10 years ago from BC

      I completely agree with Mark.

      and no one here is ever going to convince you Tim.

      You either get it or you dont. and thats fine with us.

      Rick Lim

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Totally agree with Mark but would like to add SU is absolutely a viable business opportunity as I have purchased over the past few years tons of personal growth material ranging from John Gray to Napoleon Hill...

      ...for far more money than the less than the price of a cup of coffee cost a day it is to be a member of Success University.

      The fact is there are thousand if not millions of people out there looking for this type of information and as Success University has made it available at such a cheap price, you just have to put it in front of the right people.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      "This sounds like a pyramid scheme... I aint convinced."

      Then stop looking for ways to make money and stick to your day job. This is only for people who are loving life who want to make a diffrence in the world and become a better person. If your just about the money then a job is your best bet.

      Im in SU and im building a great future as im not all about the money.

      Fired up!!!

      Mark :)

    • profile image

      danny rampling 

      10 years ago

      This is an outstanding opportunity to quit the rat race create additional income part time been part of company One year love the personal development training win win business check it out before making negative comments.

      Join and improve all areas of your life

    • kpfingaz profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from ~~~

      I'm not saying its not. I'm just saying there's a way to make money with SU and if you know how then you'll have a huge advantage. I won't advise you to get into SU or any pyramid pyramid scheme. There are better ways to make money internet marketing.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This sounds like a pyramid scheme... I aint convinced.


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