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Success is for those that worked for it.

Updated on February 28, 2015

Success? You earned it.

If you worked to gain success, you deserve it.

Everyone has their own way to define their own success.

In life we can fail over and over again.

If we choose to stay down, then we lose.

But if we get up and rise up better than before we already "won".

If you want your own success you have to go out and get it.

I know as a woman, there are of course faster ways and quicker ways to getting to success and granted not condemning those that decide to spread their legs and sleep their way to the top, that just is not how I want to rise to the top of success.

In fact it does seem like any time I was involved with someone, my path to success was interfered with, so I learned that I need to totally focus on my success by not letting anyone or anything to be an obstacle.

I think it is best to say that people have told me, not to worry about guys and being with someone because I need to focus on my goal more.

Guess what? Time and time again I did not listen to people who actually know way more than I did, so of course it took me awhile to learn.

But I have in my circle people who are with someone and I am like, well these people are successful in their own way and have someone, well why not me?

Of course all these people were telling me, right now do not focus on a relationship focus on yourself.

Did I listen? No.

Go ahead and laugh because this is the honest to God truth and what happened?

I kept falling, yep that's right and I take full responsibility for that.

So as I started networking and such, I kept asking the Universe to bring me really successful people into my life.

Well asking is one thing and "doing" is a while other thing.

It is good to have good wishes and well intentions, but it is what I am "doing" is what really matters.

Once again, maybe I could have taken the easiest way, and lay on my back and just spread my legs wide open like a stick of melting butter and climb the ladder of success that way.

I think my decision of keeping my legs closed like Fort Knox actually is paying off for me.

As strange and being different from the norm and deciding not to sleep my way to the top, and keep really focusing on what I should be focused on has helped to keep be grounded.

I see on my own facebook a lot of status's from single people saying how they wished they had a good person in their life.

I think when people are really too focused on having someone in their life, that is going take the focus you need to follow through with what is important to what you want to achieve in your life.

When you stand strong and stand on your own, there are no arguments over anything you are doing and you have the freedom to keep working on your goals to become successful.

I think sometimes when you want to be successful, having someone in your life might cloud your mind and decisions for your business, because a significant other that doesn't have the same mindset as you might start getting in your way of what your goals are.

Not saying that this always happens, once again I see very successful people who are "couples" but with what they are doing in their lives, they actually "blend" together and I think that is truly wonderful.

I think for myself, a relationship will happen after with my success because it will be someone that will harmonize with me in my life and understand what I am all about.

But getting back to what I want to achieve in my success, well, I have an opportunity to do something and the reason why is not because of luck but because I really did put the time and effort into making things happen.

I am happy that people who are already are successful have welcomed me on board to launch something that is going to be a much bigger step of something I was already doing anyway.

I think also I had really gotten to a point and sat and thought, I do not want to be stuck in society jail and be like a drained zombie drone going to a job that I hate just to make money where it will age me a lot faster and just make me sick.

I am at a point in my life, I do not care what anyone says or thinks because I have people in my life that believe in me so much to launch something in 2015 and I know it does take work but because I have the experience in doing the thing I already did I know this will be really good and success is in my hands.

I happy and feel complete as a person and anyone that does enter into my life, will have to add to my life and not subtract from it.

It is not good for someone to be negative or thinks that what I am doing is a waste of time because that person is only adding poison because they do not have the will to continue to grow but only to be average.

I am sorry I have never been an average person and never will be.

I am actually a little odd and different in my own way and because of that, it has helped me to stand out.

I am thankful that I actually worked for something in my life and actually I got say what I will launch in 2015 it won't be a job but a career that will not age me faster and will not make me sick.

I will be much healthy with my own success and knowing that I climbed the ladder of success while actually working for it.


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