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Success with Local Small Business Marketing

Updated on July 8, 2015

Small towns offer a sense of community. Residents have a general feeling of unity because of a common bond and share the need to protect what they call home. Small business owners should understand the value of community participation and its impact to their livelihood. Support for the community can mean support for the business.

The desire to get involved in local events and affairs is part of reaching out to members of the community. Community involvement will help small business owners establish mutual trust and respect among the locals.

Value of Community Participation

Networking is a crucial element for a small business to succeed. It is the best way to accumulate contacts that may turn into partnerships in business. The people you meet can be potential suppliers and customers. Knowing the other members of the community will help spread the word about your business especially if you are just starting out. Nurturing relationships with locals will help fill in the gaps in revenue if your business is only seasonal. Tourists may come and go but local customers are always there the whole year-round.

Community participation can help small business owners in networking and word-of-mouth marketing. This is an important aspect the long-term strategy of a small business. If you want your business to grow and thrive in the local community, you have to go out and make connections.

Support Charitable Organizations

Supporting a local charity or advocating a cause the community cares about is another form of community involvement. You can inquire about local charities in your area and see how you can help. Aside from the additional business exposure, being a supporter can be personally rewarding as well.

Charity work is usually the first path most people would take when thinking of supporting a community. It is also the best way to meet local residents. When you give donations to show your support, make sure you devote even a little of your personal time and effort to make the experience more fulfilling.


Initiate Local Business Owner Relationships

Community participation is not only limited to supporting a local charity. You can also get involved by supporting other members of the community. Obtaining relationships with other business owners within the area is an essential step to creating business exposure. Supporting local business owners inspires loyalty and respect. You can try showing your support to other businesses even if doing so will cost you a little more.

If you are looking for a good place to eat, frequent a local restaurant where the folks will surely remember you. For your accounting needs, look for someone in your community. You might be able to get the services of the local CPA who happens to have the mayor and the chief of police as clients.

Participate in Government Initiatives

Another way to get recognition for your business is to work with the government. This doesn’t mean running for office. There are many local government units looking for people to serve in the board. The school board or the planning commission might need volunteers. You can participate and help make a difference in the community.

Sponsor Local Events

Event sponsorship is another way to build and integrate your business into the community. Being a sponsor will give you the privilege of having your business logo or name on billboards or flyers. Events can be educational seminars, community fairs, and company-specific occasions. You may be invited as a speaker for business seminars and talk about financing of small business and other relevant topics.

Join Business or Social Clubs

Business and social clubs are also great for networking. Joining these clubs will allow you to make more contacts and create more exposure for business. Most local business people are members of social clubs. You will have something in common for conversation starters.

Let The Community Know Your Business Exists

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