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Is Your Mind Set for Success?

Updated on July 7, 2014

7 Steps for Success

You've just started an online business. You're enthused, pumped to get started. You just know this will be the answer - no more boss, no more commute, no more nasty co-workers! You can be your own boss, on your own time.

Whoa right there.

It's a huge step to move from the limits, parameters and constraints of a job to the freedom of your own business.

Did I say freedom - what was I thinking! That mindset is just why most people (about 96%) fail in an online endeavor.

So how can you succeed?

In order to succeed, you need to have the mindset for success. Your mind must be SET for success.

The 7 Steps

These 7 steps can help you become one of the 4%:

Read Daily:

To build for the long haul, get your mindset right by listening or reading the masters. I'd suggest Dr. Robert Anthony (my favorite), Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Dr. Joe Vitale. Just for starters.

Robin Sharma, author of "the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" and other inspiring books, and one of the top speakers today sets aside an hour every morning for this. He calls it his "Golden Hour." When is your 'golden hour?'

Have A Clear Vision:

Ask yourself, "What is my true goal/desire?"

Until you have a definite and clear vision of what you want to achieve, you'll struggle. Keep asking yourself, until the answer is 'true' to you and your values.

Set Goals:

Define an overall strategic plan. Include long term goals, budget, short term goals, and marketing strategies. Don't skimp on this - any business needs a plan, and failure to do this step is one of the most common reasons for failure.

Plan Your Day:

Set up a daily action plan. Follow it. Those small consistent steps are essential.

Take time either the previous evening, or first thing in the morning, and write down 3 actions for your day that will generate income. Work on these first.

Be accountable:

Always. To Yourself.

Adjust your course:

Evaluate results of your daily actions, and re-focus if and when required.

Nobody is on track all the time, and learning how to evaluate your results and adjust what you're doing is essential. Just make sure you give a program, campaign or strategy enough time to make an informed decision on its value.

Celebrate Success:
Celebrate... your small achievements, your big successes. Reward yourself. Be grateful for all that is moving you in the direction of your desire.

Say This to Yourself Daily

And here's my favorite statement to print out and pin up where you can see it every day:

"It Always Works Out For Me"

Say it, believe it, follow the steps above, and you will truly achieve your heart's desire.

Best Choice for theGolden Hour


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