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How Can a Search Engine Optimization Company Help you Bring that Professional Look to your Website

Updated on August 22, 2013

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

If you are into online business, meaning that you own a website through which you promote your business (products + services), but profits keep staying on the floor, you need a boost. A search engine optimization team of professionals can give this boost to you. First and most important, you need to search for the best company keeping in mind a few factors:

  • Your location – for example, if you live in Michigan, you should search for a Michigan SEO Company, because it is much easier to keep contact (you might easily have a face-to-face meeting with one of the professionals, to discuss the steps that are to be taken)
  • Do not forget to comparison shop wisely. Lately, most of the search engine optimization companies do offer packages, which you can choose from. Therefore, following the above example, you should make a top five list containing the best Michigan Search Engine Optimization Companies, and compare their profiles, the general prices, and the quality of the services they offer. You can do this simply by checking their former clients- have they achieved a successful online presence after hiring the services of the respective company or not?)
  • Choose only professionals that do offer a top-notch customer service. This means, that the team that you have chosen for example, can be contacted at any time through phone or email. You can even test them before hiring, by sending an email containing a request, and marking it as urgent. If you do not receive a comprehensive answer in the following 24 hours maximum, it means that you have picked a low profile team, which is more after your money than after offering you quality assistance.

Now that you have made your first step, and have successfully chosen the SEO Company of your liking, do not hurry to hire their services, but make sure that you further give special attention to the following aspects:

Search engines are the most powerful online tools.

  • herefore, you can act a little bit as a detective and find out what other online local businesses have employed the services of the respective SEO team. You can straightforward ask the company to give you a list containing some of the clients they have worked for. Normally, they will issue one or two examples without any problem, after all this is a marketing and advertising strategy for them too. If they are reluctant about offering you any information of the kind, it means that they have nothing to boast with. Move on, and check the second company in line on your list. It may be a little time consuming, but once you decide to invest money into such a project, you must see to it that you make a good choice.
  • Sticking with the state of Michigan, you will further check what services the respective Michigan Search Engine Optimization team offers you, and at what price (this if you opt for separate services instead of buying a package). Keep in mind that an online company that does not make reference to the prices they convey (at least for a few services), are most likely to charge you exaggerated amounts. You are a simple customer, and you have the right to know how much they charge for content writing or for VBA programming for example. Each of the services should be categorized, and the price should be mentioned clearly (per hour, per project, per 100 words, per banner creation, and so on).

With regard to the general prices charged by top SEO companies, the average list should look like the following:

  • For basic search engine optimization, a SEO company will charge an average $500 as a start-up fee (but not more!), following a monthly maintenance fee of $80 to $90. This means they will bring your business on the first page of the search engine results, by creating attractive content with the most suitable selection of key phrases/keywords incorporated. This means that for this money, you will be able to attract more visitors (almost immediate traffic increase), which automatically means that your sales will increase, thus your profit starts growing too. You will be able to see a return of investment of the money paid for search engine optimization services very quickly.
  • Website design, because first impression matters the most. Even you, when you surf the internet and search for an online book store for instance, will most likely buy from that store, because they have a wonderful web design with flash or java incorporated. Actually, studies show that the web design of a page adds 30% to the decision making process of a simple online buyer. And now talking about the prices, a SEO company will charge you on average $35 to $45 for web design services per hour. It is actually worth investing a couple of hundred of dollars into the looks of your webpage, if you think that each visitor that arrives on your page, already lands with a 30% chance of buying from you.
  • Furthermore, if you need advanced programming (PHP for example), a SEO professional will charge you anything between $70 and $85 per hour, which is still a much lower fee than in any other state. This is why it is wise to choose a SEO Company even if you are from another state, because you will receive quality for relatively low prices. If you are worried about the communication factor, you can rest assured because good communication can be maintained through emails and instant messaging programs as well (voice option/ video conferencing through Skype for example).
  • The hosting needs of your website. If you are a starter, and you need to build up your webpage from scratch, first thing you will need is website hosting. This simply means, that your website will have a place on one of the servers that are property of the respective search engine optimization company. Depending on your needs, hosting may cost you a mere $30 or for more professional hosting services you may pay even $100 per month. The plan that is most suitable to your needs will be pointed out by the professionals to you, and many times when you believe that you need the most expensive hosting plan, you will find out that in fact less is more in your case. With a web hosting package you will receive unlimited bandwidth, a storage space of 10 GB, or 100GB, or even unlimited space and bandwidth if you choose the most comprehensive package. You will also receive email accounts (up to 1,000), again depending on the needs of your business, and my SQL databases.
  • SEO professionals usually also have included business solutions in Word, Excel designs or VBA programming for around $60 per month. So, it is very important that when you choose a team to work with, you also check that they do offer targeted business solutions as well. This is important, because some of the self proclaimed SEO companies out there, are in fact a team of young professionals who can handle only basic programming, content writing and social media marketing (such as creating accounts on Facebook or Youtube and uploading media or posting, which is something that you can do by yourself as well!). Implementing business solutions and advanced programming and design techniques always requires a team of true professionals that have graduated in the field of programming or marketing.

  • In addition, you can raise your traffic and income at the same time, if you add a blog to your website. Your webpage should be your warehouse for example (the place where you present your products, store them and offer them for sale), but your blog should be your marketing campaign strategy (where you post daily interesting articles, notes, media, and news). A search engine optimization company will usually offer this feature not that expensive.
  • Make savings wherever you can. For instance, if you believe that what the SEO team offers you is too much, you should undertake a task yourself. For instance, if you enjoy writing, you should write everyday on your blog one post, a piece of news, something that is relevant to your business. If you are not familiar with Wordpress publishing, you should make a deal with the company that you will send in these articles everyday, and you will pay only for editing and publishing. This will immediately save you around $100 +/ month. You just need to write around 500 words every day, pick some relevant images (or add your photographs that you have taken yourself), forward them to the professional you keep in touch with, and let the company handle the rest. It will take you less than one hour daily, and this way you know that you bring your own contribution to the whole process. Just remember to pick a SEO company that is reliable and has a good name on the online market!

Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz


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