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Superbowl commercials profitable; memorable

Updated on January 15, 2012
While the Superbowl is great for the game... don't forget about the memorable commercials we have all come to enjoy!
While the Superbowl is great for the game... don't forget about the memorable commercials we have all come to enjoy!

Let's get it started!!!

When it comes to Superbowl Sunday, people all over the United States are tuned into their TV. Is it because of the game? Yes! But it is also because of the memorable commercials aired during the Superbowl. Because of these commercials, people who don’t care about sports, are more likely to tune in just to see the funny commercials these advertisers spend months creating, so you will remember their product.

Superbowl XLV proved no different as the Green Bay Packers took on the Pittsburgh Steelers. While the action was intense on the field, the commercials offered a break from the nail biting, bringing just as much entertainment as the game itself. So, just in case you missed the game and only watched the commercials, the final score was Packers, 31 and Steelers, 25. But we all know, you didn’t arrive here because you were curious about the game. The real reason: because you are curious about the Superbowl Sunday commercials, where the game is on for advertisers everywhere!

Getting more bang for the buck!

Superbowl Sunday ads can cost advertisers in the millions for a short 30 seconds. To be effective, advertisers need to get the most bang for their buck. The football game isn’t the only production viewers are tuning into. Advertisers will pull out all the strings to give the viewers the top and most memorable commercial of the season. Not only will these commercials make you laugh, but you will remember the product as well.

While people all have their opinions, these are the commercials I found to be the most memorable for Superbowl XLV:

Volkswagen: The Force

May the Force Be With You

This commericial spot has blown most people away, and is no doubt one of my favorites. Not only does it tug on your heartstrings, but it attracts all those Star Wars fans out there as well, by playing the score from Star Wars.

The lowdown: a little Darth Vader attempts to use his powers of The Force. When all attempts fail, including use on the baby doll, the washing machine and the dog, he finally sets his sights on the all-new 2012 Passat sitting in the driveway. The best part, was his surprise as the car actually turns on.

Max Page, the 6 year old star of this commercial, has appeared in other regional commericals, yet has never appeared in a national TV spot, much less a Superbowl commercial, until now. Yet, while Max has amused people during Superbowl Sunday, the story has little to do with his first spot in a Superbowl ad. Max was born with a congenital heart defect. At 3 months, he underwent surgery to implant an artificial pacemaker. While he still makes regular visits to the hospital, he has shown himself to be an inspirational story of perseverance and strength.

So why wouldn't this be the favorite ad of many. Not only is it humorous, but Volkswagen has grabbed a hold of the viewers with the story underneath the ad. Does this make you want to own a Passat? Maybe or maybe not. But I do know, this car will be memorable thanks to Max Page and his Darth Vadar costume!

Beer... it's what's for dinner

Okay, so maybe it's not what's for dinner, but during Superbowl, it is a fact that plenty of beer will be consumed. So why not hit up the target audience during the thousand of Superbowl parties. The point of advertising is to set yourself apart from the other beer companies out there, and I do believe that Bud has put themselves above the others.

The hardest part of the beer commercials is deciding which one I like the best. The first of the commericals was Budweiser's Wild West commerical. This one is great. It features a cranky cowboy who wants his refreshment. Things take a turn for the worse when the bar is fresh out, and he starts to reach for his gun. Yet, when the new order arrives via Clydesdale, the cowboy and the bar breaks out into the classic song by Elton John, "Tiny Dancer."

The other had a cuter aspect. What is more memorable than a commercial full of dogs. So, while the owner heads out, the dogsitter decides to throw a party with a fridge full of Bud Light. While the dogs do all the chores to maintain the party, including cooking on the grill, serving the food and drink, and washing dishes, it ends with a portray of a famous painting of the dogs playing poker. While using dogs is obviously not ingenious to the advertising industry, it definately ups the cute factor and is always a good choice when trying to beat out the other ads.

Bringing it to the Max

While normally I am more of a Coke drinker, I think Pepsi has far outdone coke during this year's Superbowl commercials. If the cute animals and cute kids have already been used and abused, why not take a turn for the other most abused topic in advertising - love! Yet, while this is a topic alot of advertisers portray in their commercials, Pepsi Max has outdone themselves with this commercial, to the point where I might be heading out to try some Pepsi Max in the near future.

Now maybe I am just sadistic, but I have to admit, I had to rewind this commercial several times just because I was laughing so damn hard! Now, before you go thinking that it is because the female keeps beating up on the male in the commercial (which I didn't find that funny), my favorite part was actually when she took the Pepsi Max can and threw it at the guy because he was checking out the female runner. Yet, instead of hitting the guy, she ended up creaming the girl in the head instead. So, if you are looking for a good laugh, this is probably my pick for Superbowl commercials. It is the only commercial that I actually watched over and over again during the actual Superbowl.

A cure for the munchies...

What goes better with the Superbowl than a beer? A big bowl of chips. Better yet, thanks to the advertisers' crazy imaginations, a big bowl of doritos! This was another commercial that proved hard to find my favorite, so I will just catergorize them together.

The first of the duo that I will mention is Doritos: House Sitting. While the guy takes off he leaves his lazy friend in charge to take care of his plant and his fish. After one week, the plant is dead and the fish is swimming at the bottom of the bowl. In a panic, the guy sprinkles doritos in the fish bowl and the fish comes back to life. He goes through the house sprinkling Doritos on everything, refreshing the house after he has trashed it. The big finale: when the guy comes back and his Grandpa is sitting on the couch. What a great change of pace in the advertising industry!

The second commercial, Doritos: The Best Part, is funny, yet a little bit disturbing. It is about a guy  who loves his doritos so much he actually takes it a little too far, by not only licking someone else's fingers, but also by ripping off another man's pants just to taste those final last crumbs. Still funny to me, but may not be everyone else's idea of humor.

One Epic Ride

With today's economy, it is important for advertisers to get people to focus on the best car for the best deal. During Sunday's Superbowl, Kia achieved just that with it's comericial One Epic Ride. This commercial drew my attention because of the pure greatness that it contained.

The commercial started off small, with a couple driving a Kia Optima being hijacked by a police officer. Through continuous hijackings by a villian, Poseidon, alliens and even a ancient village chief, the commerical takes viewers on One Epic Ride.

While the commercial didn't feature any cute kids or animals, didn't talk about love, and was hardly humourous, it did have the awe factor going for it. For this reason, I consider this one of the better commercials aired during Superbowl Sunday.

Which is your favorite Superbowl ad?

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Add it up... Superbowl commercial favorites

Obviously this is just a short list. There were many other ads during Superbowl Sunday that caught my attention as well. I am not alone. Several people watch the Superbowl because they enjoy the advertisers' creative flair during this peak advertising time.

Unfortunately, advertising during the Superbowl can cost a pretty penny (a billion or more)! Yet, because of the size of the audience tuned into Superbowl, it makes the commercial more important than any other time of the year. Therefore, due to the high volume of viewers and the high cost, advertisers will put forward their best foot, just to entertain millions of people and make their product more memorable.

More amazing ads...

Other ads you might find enjoyable:

Any ad featuring a baby will definately get that "awe" advertisers are looking for. It definately has a cuteness factor and will immediately become a favorite. To see Superbowl commercials where babies are featured, check out Etrade: "Cat" and "Tailor" as well as Homeaway: "Smush".

For more car related commercials aired during the Superbowl, look for "The Reviews are in" and Bridgestone: "Carma". Both are very comical and memorable.

While not on the top of my list, Coke usually has pretty amazing commercials year round. They didn't fail to please this year as well. Check out Coke: "Seige" and "Border" to see their Superbowl commercials.

And last, but not least, I also enjoyed the commercial by Careerbuilder. Maybe it was because I could relate, but, it is definately one of the better ones aired this year during the Superbowl. Check out Careerbuilder: "Parking Lot" for one last laugh at the Superbowl commercials.


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    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 7 years ago

      Great hub. You have covered my favorites - Darth Vader/VW and Old West/Bud.


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