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Surefire Ways to Get a Job

Updated on October 24, 2011

Although the job market may be competitive there are many openings available if you know where to look. One job site, reports that postings are up over 119% from last year. That is the good news. Now all you have to do is figure out how to make the company you want to work for hire you. There are many great opportunities available and tips on how to craft an attention grabbing resume that will impress any interviewer. There are going to be lots of other people applying for the same job so how do you become the one they choose to see?

Where are the Hidden Job Opportunities?

You probably already know that sites like and have tons of postings for jobs and they attract loads of applicants. So instead of following everyone else why not try something different.

How About Twitter?

Did you know that this social networking site is used more now than email! It seems that employers are actually looking for applicants who can use Twitter. There are a couple of Twitter job search engines: and All you have to do is enter the position you are looking to apply for and these sites will scan for openings. There could be thousands of possibilities from using this approach.

Writing a Standout Resume!

Your resume needs to stand out from all the other applicants. There are a number of ways that this can be accomplished.

Be Colorful!

Often an employer will scan resumes to see if anything catches their eye and one way to do this is to trick them into giving your resume a second look by using a touch of color. Red or blue seems to be the best choice. Evidently the human eye is draw to bright colors. Don't go overboard here as you need to keep most of the text black with just a pop of color on the underline of your previous job titles or divide the parts of the resume with a colored line.

Key Phrases

If you aren't sure what to put in your resume check the job description. Employers will use key phrases in their ad and all you need to do is repeat them in your resume. Did you know that some companies actually use a computer to search for key phrases is the submitted resumes? These companies will only interview those people who have captured those phrases in their resumes!

The Right Format

It is important to make sure that your potential employer can actually read your resume. If your resume is in a format that is not compatible with their computer program your resume will never be seen. An easy solution is to save your document as a PDF so all your formatting will be preserved and your potential employer will be able to read the resume. Use if you don't have a PDF program on your computer.

How to Impress

Now that you've gotten an interview how do you impress your potential employer? There are a couple of different ways you can help to make that happen. First, make sure that how you dress is compatible to the company. If everyone wears business casual or they have a more formal dress code, then you should show up for the interview in similar fashion.

If you are a woman, keep your perfume to a minimum. A recent study showed that applicants with heavy perfume often did not get the job. However, women who wore sporty, light citrus scents were almost always successful! It seems that citrus scents send an optimistic message while overbearing scents can be a distraction.

Studies have also shown that wearing the color red shows confidence, strength and power. If you are a man you can add a red tie or a shirt with red stripes or if you are a woman add an accessory in red such as bracelet or scarf. It is important to not go overboard with the color.

A Different Approach

Did you know that companies have started to use some time saving methods to interview their candidates? Some companies are using Skype or telephone interviews. This is a great way for them to eliminate people before they see them in person, especially if they receive loads of applications. This can work for you if you know a few simple tricks that will showcase your skills.

First Tip

Wear blue if you are being interviewed on Skype! Not only is this a calming color, it also makes you appear focused. Also, make sure your surroundings are tidy. Your potential employer will want to see that you are a neat and organized person as it sends a message that you are a professional.

Acing the Phone Interview

Because your potential employer can't see your face, it is important that you come across as enthusiastic and confident. Make sure you smile while you are speaking as this will be translated across the phone lines. Also, make sure you speak calmly and not too quickly. The interviewer needs to be able to understand what you are saying and that you are confident in your abilities.

Now for Something Completely Different


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