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Swagbucks. Passive Income?

Updated on August 12, 2017

Hi everyone. Will here. This time, I am going to take a break from the computer and technology aspect of my hubs and let you in on a fairly well known but quite underutilized earnings program and that’s Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a “business/program” that gives back for things you do for them. There are many ways they give you the opportunity to earn some “money” from them and I am going to discuss that below.



What is Swagbucks?

I was introduced to Swagbucks some time ago, probably close to 5 years ago now. I clicked an ad, much like the one below here, and followed it over to the Swagbucks website. I was skeptical at first but thought, what the heck and took the plunge. In a month, I earned enough Swagbucks to pick up a $25 Amazon gift card. That was 2012 and it was the last time I used Swagbucks, until about 2 weeks ago. Since beginning Swagbucks again, I have already earned a $25 gift card; a Walmart gift card that I only paid 2200 of my Swagbucks for. See, each swagbuck is worth approximately 1 penny so, a $25 gift card is typically 2500 swagbucks (2500 pennies) but your first gift card you purchase with your bucks each month can be purchased for 12% off the total value of the gift card. You don’t have to purchase gift cards but to me, that is the more tangible way of seeing your hard work pay off. Though, it’s not really that hard of work to do.

So, how do you actually make swagbucks? Well, there are a number of ways ranging from watching videos to answering surveys to fulfilling offers such as subscribing to hulu or something similar. Most people, from my understanding, will turn on their computer and just let videos run all day long, earning them bucks. You can earn swagbucks from buying things and paying with a card that you have registered with Swagbucks. You can play games and make some bucks. There are several apps you can download and use on the go and earn bucks.

How do I earn Swagbucks? Well, I could go in depth and take quite a while but I know that most of you just want me to get to the point so, that is what I am going to do. What I have done is effectively a “mining operation” similar to what cryptocurrency miners are doing, only without expensive graphics cards and computer setups; I’ll include a link to a youtube video explaining what cryptocurrency mining is. Anyway, to the point we go. I have downloaded multiple apps on my Samsung Galaxy S8+, Apple iPhone 5s, and Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I start one app on each when I get up in the morning and let them run videos all day. I have created playlists of the shorter videos and let them run on repeat to get through the videos quicker, thereby earning bucks faster. Eventually, you will stop earning bucks from those apps. When that happens, I switch apps and start the process again. I answer surveys when I get a few minutes sometimes getting disqualified earning only 1 swagbuck to sometimes completing a survey for 200 swagbucks. I do the daily “To Do List” and earn the 6 or 7 swagbucks for each task and then the 7 or 8 bonus bucks for completing the list. I also meet the daily goal and earn an additional 3 or 4 bucks each time I hit that number for the bonus. For example, today, the daily goal was 30 swagbucks to get a bonus of 3. Well, I’ve earned 9 total bonuses for 27 swagbucks. The ways of earning are near limitless and it’s easy, and quite passive income if you take the time to do a few things here and there.

Swagbucks Earnings

My current total of Swagbucks
My current total of Swagbucks | Source
The gift cards I have purchased with my Swagbucks
The gift cards I have purchased with my Swagbucks | Source
Here are my earnings for today, August 12, 2017
Here are my earnings for today, August 12, 2017 | Source


As you can see, I have done fairly well and the Swagbucks “mining” experiment has been paying off. I just cashed in 2200 swagbucks yesterday for a $25 gift card and already, I’m back up to 1200 swagbucks, just under halfway to my next gift card; less than 36 hours after cashing in.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Is it worth it?

Is it worth the time to use Swagbucks?

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    • whcobb profile image

      William Cobb 4 weeks ago from Clarksville, TN

      Thanks for the compliment. It's a pretty decent way to get a few bucks here and there, especially since they started adding paypal gift cards. I have collected around $300 since I got back into it at the end of July.

    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 4 weeks ago from East Coast

      Great article. Very informative. I also am a huge fan of Swagbucks. It has helped my family out a great deal. There customer service is great as well. I run Swagbucks watch but not engageme tv. I have to try that. You are a great writer!

    • whcobb profile image

      William Cobb 2 months ago from Clarksville, TN

      I just earned another gift card moving my total amount of gift cards earned to $150 in 2 months. This is too easy. Granted, I won't become millionaire doing this but it's a good little bit to spend. If you look at some of my other hubs, you could see I've been building computers and I have actually used several of the gift cards to purchase some of those parts

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 months ago

      Swagbucks are new to me. You seem to have come across an interesting way to make a passive income. I will have to get a better phone to handle the apps. Thank you for sharing.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 3 months ago from Ohio

      It sounds interesting :)