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Updated on July 21, 2013

A Shortened Furlough

Last winter the Sequestration of 2013 looked like 22 days of furlough (no work and no pay). Ultimately it resulted in only 11 days of furlough scheduled with one day off per week. My selected day is Monday. My initial plan was to work somewhere else on furlough days to include weekends. However, as the furlough was delayed and finally determined to be only 11 days, I rationalized it would be difficult to find employment. Looking at it from an employers perspective, I would not hire someone part time for only 11 weeks.

Still An Opportunity For Growth

I continue to view furlough days as an opportunity. As an avid fly fisher, there is a real pull to fly fish at daybreak on Mondays (summer afternoons in Florida generally entail lightening storms in the afternoon sending you in for cover). However, there is some income loss during the furlough that will result in digging into our emergency savings. To minimize the impact, I've opted to increase my home based business efforts of tying flies for fishing and selling them retail.

Tying Flies

I have a home based business that entails tying flies for fishing for retail sales. I specialize in - panfish (bluegill, bream, sunfish). I have an online store and sell on E-Bay as well. I've been doing this since 2009 and have learned a lot along the way. It is a business that I want to transition into retirement with as supplemental income. I view having a furlough day once a week as a taste of the home based business/retirement life. So far so good. Fortunately the furlough is during the summer and fly orders and E-Bay sales are good. My goal is to sell 25% more flies during the furlough.

YouTube and HubPages

My dad made an astute observation one time. He explained to me that his farther (my grandfather) lived during the mechanized revolution. Essentially, my grandfather transitioned from horse power (buck boards for transportation and horse teams for plowing - he farmed) to cars and tractors. He also experienced all kinds of electrically powered advancements such as power tools, television, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and refrigerators. Contrasted with my dad's generation, there really were not any revolutionary changes per se, things just got more efficient. My dad sees my generation as my grandfather's generation - undergoing radical change via a digital communication revolution. He is right. I appreciate how easy it is to be known with some effort and minimal cost. I have been using YouTube and HubPages to promote fly fishing in general and my online store specifically - but more on that in another hub article. Suffice to say, YouTube and HubPages are included during the furlough.


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    • forbcrin profile image

      Crin Forbes 4 years ago from Michigan

      It is true, it is not the end of the world. But why? Just to make a point, no matter how stupid it is?

      Well, at least the big investment bankers are reporting record quarters...