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Take responsibility of your life.

Updated on November 21, 2018
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A freelance writer since 2011 and has been graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Take responsibility of your life.

When I was a child I read about Abraham Lincoln. He lived in a small House. But he used to borrow books from people and read it. Due to nonavailability of time and space, he used to read books while sitting under the street light. When I look at people who are hopping around and wishing they had a better place to live, a better place to study, a better country to live, a better place to work etc., I remember Abraham Lincoln who turned his surrounding a better place.

He could have been like one of us who are wishing to get a study room with good table, cushioned chair, table lamp and brand new books etc......., for his study. He was not a guy who is wishing to do things. He was a doer. He wanted to read books. He did not wait until he gets enough money to buy books. He went out and met friends and strangers and informed his need of the hour and they helped him. He borrowed books. He did not wait for a better place to read that book. Darkness could not prevent him from reading his borrowed book. He looked for opportunities. There were limitations. But those limitations could not stop him from growing.

Some students would say, if I had a better place to study, my grades would have been higher. If I had born in a wealthy family, my life would have been different.

We are on control of our life, not the situations

Many times we wish for things and say that if we had this and that, our life would have been different. If I had good parents, If I had lived in America, If I had better education in a reputed school, If I had good friends, If I had a good spouse etc..... my life would have been a different one or better one. If you study the life of Abraham Lincoln, he could also make such excuses and sit back in his old log cabin and live there (not in White House). He could have to lead an ordinary life and die as an ordinary man. No one would remember him. But he made a difference. It is not that he lived in a better time than now. We are living in a developed age. There are lots of opportunity around us. Identify those opportunities and go out and make it happen. That is what we need to do.

Over the years we become a bureaucrat and cannot think out of the box. We lead the life as per the rules and regulations that set before us. We cannot think or move or act without rules. Our life is stuck up with this bureaucracy which prevents us from growing in life. Leave your attitude of bureaucracy and come out. You would be able to do better things then. Often you meet these bureaucrats who will not do a thing and also they prevent others who are willing to do the things. These bureaucrats will laugh at those who are not in their company. That is another bondage that prevents us from growing in life. If you can go to the kitchen and take a glass of water and drink, why you should wait for the maid to come back from the market after two hours while you are thirsty. You think that she is appointed to give you water and why should I do that? Good question and a reasonable question. You wait and waste your time while waiting for your maid to return. Don't wait or waste your time. Use that time for doing more important things. You can go to the kitchen and get a glass of water in a minutes time and go ahead with other important things in life. But often people wait for others and waste their time.

What is that stop you from doing what you want? Is it money, opportunity or people around you? You cannot blame others for your failure. You cannot blame the economic situation for your failure. You cannot blame your country or rulers either. What is stopping you? The one person who can stop you from growing further is "you". If you change, the world will change. If you are not changing, no one can help you to change.

You wanted to complete your graduation. But you have many excuses. You are married and have kids. You are working and no time. You have to look after many things like taking care of old parents etc. etc. But the good news is that there are many who are doing different things and better things. I know one Shyam who is married and around 40 years old. If you meet him at 4 am he will be sitting in his small kitchen and doing his studies as his children and wife are sleeping inside the living room. They are living in a one-room apartment. If he studies at the bedroom, he will be disturbing his sleeping wife and children. He knows after he completes his graduation, he will be able to get a better job so that he could afford a bigger apartment. He is changing his future by undertaking the studies. He now knows what mistake he did in the past and he wanted to correct it. He could curse his old bad days and spent his time complaining. There is no use in complaining about this and that. When you take the full responsibility of your life, then only you will be able to set it right. Unless you are not willing to accept the responsibility of being in the state where you are now, you won't be able to change.

We need people who are willing to change, who can make an impact in the society. Like Abraham Lincoln, create an opportunity for yourself, move ahead and change the world.


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