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Taking e learning to face book

Updated on February 24, 2011

We live in times where the buzzword everywhere is e-learning. It’s all about working on a million different applications, finding the latest websites and downloading ‘cool’ content. Why not make use of this online world to teach students as well?

Face book, MySpace and friendster completely dominate a student’s mind these days. People want to be seen on these sites and what could be cooler than to join this world and do things the ‘in’ way. Of course the idea is to create a learning community not to invade their space.

Here are some ways to take learning to the next level in the present day scenario.

The application Face book provides excellent methods to reach students across a vast age group and also a varied spectrum of schools. You could form a group for teachers and students where they can post questions and queries, locate learning resources, get access to help at any time and so on. You can turn it into an interactive online learning forum.

Another use of this forum would be by using these social networking sites to upload and provide homework assignments. Allow students to reach you online and post assignment to you through Face book. It will also create a knowledge base of previously attempted questions and answers.

There are also ways to post the questions and answers of previous years. You can use the notes tab in Face book to upload past year’s questions papers to the students. It is an excellent resource to learn and practice old papers.

Posting videos is yet another method to engage your students in learning from you. You can videotape yourself taking various lessons or you can post videos on different topics that you have gathered for their learning and understanding. Posting these videos on you tube also will work well as kids tend to spend a lot of time on these platforms.

Worksheets are yet another way to interact with your students. Post application based questions on your face book profile and offer rewards for the best and fastest answers that are posted in terms of points. Let the internal assessment process take some details from this as well making it more challenging and like an open book testing platform.

Post groups if you have an upcoming event in the school for your class so everyone can brainstorm on ideas, costume changes, timings, volunteers who are part of the event and so on.  You can have everyone on the same page, literally about the events and presentations occurring.


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