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Talk, Learn, and Partner Up - A Marketing Guide

Updated on July 12, 2012

How do you plan to make your money? This is a serious question you need to ask yourself. I’ll tell you right now that I do not make my money with Google AdSense at all. Sure, I may make some pocket change here and there but in no way on this earth do I make a living with AdSense. That is really a very lazy and hazardous way to make your money. For one reason, Google can close your AdSense account forever just because they feel like it. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t use AdSense because it can make you some money. But if you want to play on the same grounds that the bigger guys higher up play on, you really should diversify yourself from AdSense and learn to partner up with some corporate companies. This is where some money is. Big money, if you are willing to put in your dues. Nothing in life is free, and this goes for making money also. The thing that is different about this is that whereas making money doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot, it does cost you time and effort. Read the title of this post. What does it mean? Let’s talk about it. It is 3 very important points that you should use.

You need to talk to people

You need to learn to talk to people. You need to learn what to say. But who do you talk to? Let me ask you this. Who’s products do you want to sell? You can just about sell anyone’s products, provided they give you the opportunity. Don’t do it for free though. Get that commission off of every sale and follow their terms and conditions. Make yourself trusted. You need to also have a voice on the web before you start slinging products off of your site or ad campaign. Make your name known a little. How you do this is by going to different web sites or blogs and writing comments on topics relevant to your future campaign. This will let people know a little bit about you and that you are legit. This really helps even though there are those who really do not touch on this. Trust me. Do it. Get acquainted with other marketers online and off. One thing you do not want to leave in the corner either is the consumers as they are the ones who will be letting you make your money. Talk to everyone you can. Get your voice and name out there.

While you are talking to people, actually the companies in particular, make sure you get any information on their products that you can. Most of the time, they should be more than willing to email you a packet of information on their products for you to post and hint on with your campaign. They are very interested in selling products and that is what keeps them in business. Sales, and if you can bring them many more sales in then they will happily give you any information you require for your efforts.

Learn Constantly

Next, I am going to touch on learning. I have stated that marketing is constantly changing. You absolutely must be willing to be on your toes and learning almost constantly. If someone is trying to teach you a new technique you may not know about, at least listen. Listen to what they have to say even if it doesn’t benefit you right away with your campaign. It may in the future, and this actually let’s you know how other marketers are slinging products and this lets you know your competition. It’s a win win situation. So learn all that you can, even if you don’t care. But in reality you should care for the reasons I just gave you. Marketing isn’t just about selling. It’s a big learning game too.

Now while we are on the learning section of this post, I want to make it clear that there is homework involved with marketing products. You need to learn your product. If you don’t know your product, why should consumers buy from someone who is incompetent? I wouldn’t. Do your homework and learn what it is that you are selling. If possible for you, I would even suggest getting a test product. This will give you legit measures to market on as you have actually used the product you are slinging. Don’t skimp on this. Do it and do it right.

Grab a partner or two... or three... or, you get the point...

Now it’s time to partner up. I bet you are wondering what exactly I’m talking about… Become affiliated with a company. This let’s you sell their products and receive a commission automatically off of a sale. There are numerous websites out there that allow you to use their automated tracking service. One I will name now is They are one of the best out there that allow you to apply to companies to become an affiliate. Some are easy to get into and some require some work to be done, like building traffic first. But email them if you have a different type of marketing campaign and you may be able to get in for that type of marketing. You don’t have to have a website in order to sell their products. You can hold booths and do a lot of traditional advertising to get your message across and sell some products. People can call you and/or email you for more information. And surprisingly, there are people who do this and see success. You can advertise in a magazine as a promotion for the products and direct them to a mini site you set up for ordering purposes. See, you may not get a lot of traffic before the mag ad but the company will let you in due to you are going to get traffic shortly. So depending on your marketing situation, contact them if they won’t let you in on your site alone.

Once you are partnered up, start your campaign. The only thing left to do is implement everything you have learned and start letting the consumers look at what your offering and buy it. If you are a good marketer and legit, you should have no problem selling to consumers. It’s not rocket science. There are just things that must be done. And I have named many of them. So the basis of this message to you is Talk, Learn, and Partner up. I hope you learned something here. Try it out. Don’t make the mistake of just putting a banner up and thinking you’re going to clean up.


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