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Teaching Sells Does It Work?

Updated on March 17, 2011

The hype is winding up for the forthcoming fall launch of Teaching Sells - again. Yes this product has been around for a while - I first stumbled across Brian Clark, of copyblogger fame, Teaching Sells back in late 2007. He seems to re-release the product every 6-months or so - and the price seems to be on the up - though the price for the current release is conspicuous my its absence in the pre-sale materials I have had to date.

So What is Teaching Sells Selling?

What indeed you may well ask - even after reading your way through the free 25-page report it may not be entirely clear to you if you are not familiar with A-list, internet marketing game. Teaching sells has the *brilliant* idea of telling newbies to the making money online game that they should set up a membership site. The set up a site on a topic of their choice, apparently you don't even need to be an expert and then you will get lots and lots people sign up and they will pay you monthly and you will make $40,000 in one month just like Steve Pavlina did or even Aaron Walls of SeoBook fame.

Teaching Sells - Is It a Scam?
Teaching Sells - Is It a Scam?

What Is Teaching Sells?

Now I know how this game works I am impressed with the level that Brian Clarke plays at and his shear audacity of his vision. For two years he has been hyping this product explaining to people that you can make money by developing a membership site, providing lots of PLR and other cheaply available content, keep people hooked by providing a forum of interactivity where your tribe can play and interact and keep them hooked by continuing to upsell them to the next new thing / product. And what happens when you sign-up for Teaching Sells - well basically you get access to an friendly forum with lots and lots of content and a never-ending supply of new content on approximately the same topic - yup you got sold to big time!

Why I Dislike Brian Clarks Teaching Sells so Much

Quite honestly it was Teaching Sellsor one of his pupils look-alike products which nearly made me quit my making money online back in 2007. It felt like a con, it looked like a con, I knew that students can see through teachers who are only a few chapters ahead of them in the book (had some of those in High School) = and I basically couldn't sleep at night if I had people paying me for information on a subject I knew little to nothing about.

Teaching Sells Review - My Take

From what I have learned from some real experts (check the side bar) Brian Clark really doesn't know what he's talking about. Apparently getting Google search traffic and monetizing it, particularly with Google's Adsense, is not the way to build a "real" business. Yeah right, is all I can say, many of us are starting to see some real income from just that approach, and then of course their is Grizz's blog…

Instead I should be building my own tribe and repurposing all that boring old text into new and fun ways to interact with. Yeah maybe - but to be honest it sounds like too much work to me - I would rather have a business which runs on auto pilot and gets me passive income!

Teaching Sells Does it Work?

Look if you are a specialist in a subject, with a real-world following, preferably a published book or two, AND your subject is a topic people are prepared to spend money on learning about AND you are clueless about how to setup a website or a bulletin board - then Teaching Sells may be for you.

If you are like the rest of us - know a bit about lots, not famous in the real world, not a trained teacher or motivational speaker - no I think you will lose your money and waste your time with Teaching Sells - and I utterly do not recommend this product.

Teaching Sells makes plenty of money for the A-listers such as Brian Clark, Darren Rowse (problogger) and Yaro Starak - who are all out there happily promoting the hell out of it! I am sure they won't make any money at all if you take the time and Google their sites to give them the site up fee - just don't call me when you find it doesn't quite make you the millions you were hoping for!


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