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Five Reasons Why People May Complain About Points2Shop

Updated on August 23, 2014

Points2Shop Scam or Legit?

For the most part, most people are satisfied with Points2Shop. As with any company you will have complaints. You've probably heard some people complain that Points2Shop is a scam. And you are probably concerned.

For the most part, complaints usually evolve around people not going by the Terms and Conditions.

List of What Usually Leads To Complaints:

  • We Don't Always Read the Terms and Conditions
  • Survey issues
  • Problems with IP Addresses
  • Points Locked
  • Fraudulent Info

We Don't Always Read The Terms And Conditions

Now, I have to admit I don't read the Terms and Conditions to any of the sites I sign up to. Either it's too long and I get impatient or sometimes when I read it I lose track of what they're saying to the point I get frustrated or I just ignore it and throw caution to the wind and cross my fingers. Most of us have been there done that.

  • A few of these rules I was not aware of myself. And I know a few members who have been through a few of these. So what are the rules that most people break?


You will hear people complaining about the surveys. Why? Because every once in a while people will not be approved before or during the time they're doing the survey. To lessen the blow of not being approved fill out your demographics as much as possible. So that Points2Shop can filter out which surveys you will have a higher chance of qualifying for. I'm not saying the system is perfect, but you can lessen your frustration just a little bit more.

via Points2Shop
via Points2Shop

As you can see from above, not much of the profile is filled out. If you look below, there are two pictures that will show up. The first picture is the Missing Demographics.

via Points2Shop
via Points2Shop

Right below you'll see the offer. It says Chance of Qualification 30%. There are missing demographics so your chances may be lower or higher. But since they don't know your demographics you may risk accepting the offer and not getting approved in the middle of it or not taking the offer because of the low percentage.

via Points2Shop
via Points2Shop

Problems with IP Addresses

Using an "internet phone" as they like to say in the Terms of Service.

Because you are constantly moving with your phone. The IP address changes or reception may interfere with the account. Therefore, Points2Shop does not allow you to sign up with a phone that has internet. If you use a phone with internet to sign up into your account, it will be flagged and you will have to put a ticket into support. It will take 3-5 days for them to respond. You can however use your phone after you sign up to use their mobile app. You just can't sign up with it.

Having multiple accounts

You are only allowed 1 account per IP address. You personally can not create multiple accounts on one IP address. And your sister, brother, mother and whomever else can not create multiple accounts on the same IP address or you or both of you will risk having your account(s) suspended.

Proxy Server

You can not login or sign in with a proxy server

You may login to public computers and wifi hotspots, but it may limit you in certain areas.


Games can not be played on the cell phone

Prizes and withdraws

You are not allowed to withdraw cash or complete an order for a prize at a public computer

Points Locked

via Points2Shop
via Points2Shop

In the picture above you'll notice there are several circled areas. Your (current) points. Your Locked Points Your (current) cash and Your Locked Cash. The points that are locked are 462 points. The points that I have earned are 432, which is not enough to unlock the points. I have to have at least 462. The amount of points locked.

Not being active on Points2Shop for a long period of time.

If you plan not to be on Points2Shop for awhile, for awhile meaning 4 consecutive months, take your money and points out. Why? Not because your account will close, but because your points and cash will be "locked". Locked meaning they will not be available to you until you earn the same amount of points and cash that were locked.For example: If you earned 1000 points and 25 dollars a year ago and you have not been active since, then when you come back you will have to earn 1000 points and 25 dollars for those locked points and cash to add to the 1000 points and 25 dollars you accumulated recently. So basically, that comes out to a total of 2000 points and 50 dollars altogether when you unlock your points and cash.

If you fear that the site is a scam to the point that you want to put down false info. Do not sign up. You may risk suspension or worse depending on the situation.

via Points2Shop
via Points2Shop

Other reasons not to put down fraudulent info:

Correct Email: You have to have the correct email for them to send you a confirmation. If you don't confirm your email you can't get your sign up points or do things on the site. Also, the correct email is connected to your electronic bank account (such as Paypal).

Correct Address: Just like having the correct email will get you your money, having the correct address will get you your prizes. If you give them a fake address do not expect a prize to come to your home.

Correct Name: Your name has to match or be similar to the name on your Paypal. For example, your Paypal may say "Frederick Smith", but your Points2Shop account can say "Frederick Smith" or "Fred Smith".

Account Info different from Survey: Having different demographics from your profile account information than what you provide in the survey is not a good idea. Since Points2Shop uses this info to see what surveys you qualify for it may not be a good idea to fudge either of these.

These are some of the complaints I usually hear from fellow members and rules that are usually broken. As a newcomer, knowing at least some of the rules you can at least lessen the chance for suspension or having a complaint.


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