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The 5 Most Versatile Degree Programs of the Next Few Years

Updated on March 21, 2015

As many recent college graduates will tell you, it's tough to find a decent job these days. But did you know that it may be your choice of major and not the economy that's potentially holding you back? It's a fact that many fields of long ago are disappearing to mass outsourcing and technological advancement. In addition to this, many degree program's today offer too narrow of a skill set to give the graduate any real choice about what job's they can get. It's sad to say that many recent graduates have regretfully realized that their choice of major has lead to a field of stiff competition and no decent job prospects. So if you're thinking about going off to college, but aren't sure what to major in, consider the versatility of the following degree programs.


Having a bachelor's degree in one of the many disciplines of Engineering will likely open more doors for you than any other degree program will. Engineer's are needed in just about every industry that exists and is something that can be hard to outsource. In addition to this, an engineering degree can be paired with a business or judicial degree to create an even more sought after mix of credentials. Engineer's will find rewarding careers that also tend to pay very well. If you like to help people and have a strong interest in math, science, and technology, then an engineering degree may be for you.

Example Careers:

  • Aerospace Engineer: $62,000/yr
  • Automotive Engineer: $77,000/yr
  • Chemical Engineer: $65,000/yr
  • Construction Manager: $80,000/yr
  • Electrical Engineer: $63,000/yr
  • Energy Engineer: $85,000yr
  • Industrial Designer: $65,000/yr
  • Nuclear Engineer: $65,000/yr
  • Petroleum Engineer: $98,000/yr


Computer Science

It's easy to see why a degree in computer science can be so versatile. We live in the information age where computers and the internet dominate our world. Computer scientists are needed to maintain this system as well as create the developments of the future. The demand for skills computer scientists and information technology specialists is growing, so if you are really passionate about computers, a degree in computer science may be for you.

Example Careers:

  • Business Analyst: $82,000/yr
  • Computer Programmer: $72,000/yr
  • Network Engineer: $84,000/yr
  • Network Administrator: $59,000/yr
  • Software Developer: $82,000/yr
  • Systems Administrator: $63,000/yr
  • Web Developer: $58,000/yr


I bet you didn't think that having a mathematics degree could be very useful did you? A skilled mathematician can work in many fields such as the insurance industry, market research, computer programming, and statistical analysis. Math majors are also needed to fill positions in the finance, biotech, and security industries. You could also decide to use this degree to further our knowledge of the world by supporting research scientists. If you need more reasons why a mathematics degree is a great career move, check out this article:

Example Careers:

  • Accountant: $59,000/yr
  • Actuary: $88,000/yr
  • Economist: $83,000/yr
  • Market Research Analyst: $62,000/yr
  • Mathematician: $94,000/yr
  • Statistician: $72,000/yr

Criminal Justice

A criminal justice degree will help get your foot in the door to our justice system. When going for this degree you will combine knowledge from many fields including, law, psychology, and science. Graduates of this degree program will find themselves working in a variety of jobs sectors such as the court system, the prison system, law enforcement, crime scene investigation, and even the security industry. So if you like the idea of working as an integral part of the justice system, a degree in criminal justice may be for you.

Example Careers:

  • Correctional Officer: $56,000/yr
  • Crime Scene Investigator: $51,000/yr
  • Detective: $65,000/yr
  • FBI Agent: $114,000/yr
  • Fraud Investigator: $62,000/yr
  • Paralegal Assistant: $52,000/yr
  • Parole Officer: $46,000/yr
  • Police Officer: $61,000/yr
  • Security Specialist: $42,000/yr


Graphic Design

Graphic designers will find career pathways in many different aspects of our world. Graphic designers are needed wherever something's success hinges upon its visual appeal. You will find jobs in many fields such as web design, product design, architecture, and even advertising. So if you have the creative knack for developing and design visually appealing products, then a degree in graphic design may be for you.

Example Careers:

  • Advertisement Designer: $48,000/yr
  • Architectural Drafter: $45,000/yr
  • Book Illustrator: $43,000/yr
  • Fashion Designer: $65,000/yr
  • Package Designer: $45,000/yr
  • Photographic Editor: $40,000/yr
  • Motion Picture Editor: $49,000/yr


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