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The Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer On Interact Media

Updated on February 6, 2012

There is an increasing number of ways to make money online. These aren't small, petty jobs, but instead many provide a gateway to professional blogging. is the perfect place to start out and is always accepting new writers. Even if you're a fiction writer primarily, like me, it's good to have a place to start out and which pays decently.

The way Interact Media works is that you sign up for free, create a personalized profile, and then you are required to write a very brief article on a topic pertaining to your interests, while at the same time requiring you to incorporate a specific keyword within the article a certain number of times. Based on how well you complete this task, a star rating is given to you (on a 1-5 scale) which will determine the level of jobs you can accept in the Job Board. Anything below a three-star rating will make things tough, so staying within the 3-5 range is really the only way a decent coin can be made, but you can always improve your rating if you work hard on an accepted job.

The Job Board

Now, the way the Job Board works is that you will see a table consisting of job topics listed vertically, and rows for the cent-per-word each job will pay. Sometimes you'll find no jobs on the board. Sometimes there will be hundreds. Every job is essentially first come first serve with no discrimination made by the clients putting these jobs up. The lowest paying jobs are 0.7 cents per word, while the highest I've been able to get so far (as a four-star writer) have been at 3.5 cents per word. Jobs can consist of as little as fifty words and require as many as an essay's worth. So, as you can probably guess, the amount of pay you can expect varies exponentially. Every job has a due date, 24-72 hours after the job is taken, depending on the required word count.

Most jobs appearing on the board will contain good, detailed descriptions of what the topic is (most clients know finding a writer who's an absolute expert on the topic is mostly shot-in-the-dark) and research links will often be provided so you can write the blog while at least sounding authoritative and like you know what you're talking about. Just about every job utilizes keyword density, asking the writer to place the keyword a certain amount of times in the page, which, if the keyword is easy enough to integrate into the text, can be a very simple task, and the writing space includes an automatic density calculator below it anyway, so no math is needed.


Clients work in two ways on the site. At the end of a client's name will be two letters, either “AG” or “DC”, representing the mode of business clients are working through. An “AG” client is working through an agency, and any jobs completed by a writer will be reviewed by an editor before you're able to get them approved. “DC” clients are direct clients and will review the jobs without an editor coming into the process. I didn't figure any of this out until just recently, and I've been a writer on the site for over half a year now. Some editors can be generous and lenient, while others have been known to be stricter than I think is necessary, but regardless of an editor's opinion, if the job is accepted, you get paid. If it's not accepted, well, you're out of luck. As I mentioned earlier, you always have a chance to improve your star rating if it's low by putting in a solid effort, as clients and editors can--and usually will--give you a star rating. Sometimes editors/clients will ask for a revision before accepting, if anything needs to be touched up.

Clients can add you to their favorites list, view your profile, and give you direct assignments, which you can accept more than one at a time (unlike regular jobs accepted from the board) and whose pay can be negotiable. Building a good reputation on this site is invaluable. Granted, some periods can be tough (I've found that near the holidays all throughout December is a particularly difficult time to find work), and since the job board doesn't update by itself you constantly need to refresh the page, so on a slow day when you're desperate for work it's best to find the time to simply sit at your computer and lean on the refresh button until something appears so you can snatch it.

Like any regular job, paydays are every two weeks, on the first and fifteenth of every month. This money goes straight to your Paypal account and of course an IRS form will be required once you hit the $600 mark.

Interact Media is a legitimate job that can help any struggling writer get some kind of income while simultaneously building your resume and freelancing skills. And considering most of the jobs are advertising for businesses, you're involved in advertising as well. It's a competitive market and you get no personal credit for what you write, but when you start seeing the money come in, it all becomes worth it. There are several other sites such as Textbroker that are doing this as well, but I've found Interact Media to be the most rewarding in both reliability and revenue.


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thanks for sharing this great info Ben - I need to try and make some money with my writing; it is great that it is free to join I will definitely check it out in the near future! Take care and have a great day!

    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States

      Hi Ben--just saw your hub come up when I saved my as yet unpublished hub on my experiences with Interact. I agree that it is a good site to work for. Recently, I did sign up for Textbroker and they seem to have more jobs but the pay is lower. I am going to try both of them out and see which works better. Helpful hub!

    • Ben Graves profile image

      Ben Graves 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks for commenting, Marla. Glad I can be of some use with this article. Interact Media, while not really perfect right now, has saved me economically a few times (considering I'm currently unemployed otherwise and in college) and the site staff is always working on improving the site. I just wish they'd finally update the payday to being weekly, as they promised it would several months ago.

    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 5 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      This is great advice. Thank you for providing this much needed information as we can all use additional income. I know I can and I really appreciate learning about new information on how to increase my earnings and building plan B and C for emergencies! Great and useful hub. Thumbs up!