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The Benefits of Playing Hooky From Work (Occasionally)

Updated on March 13, 2012

A Bad Rap...

So many people are under the assumption that infrequently playing hookie from work is a terrible thing. When truthfully, it's not worse for you or them, then if you were to take a one hour nap everyday (which has been scientifically prove to improve progress, not hinder it).

No! I say, calling in sick for work (occasionally), is really not as bad as everyone thinks. On top of that, I seen benefits in the act. Keep reading on this hub to see if you agree...

A Word About Abuse of Power...

I must bring forth a thought, before we continue on - and that is about abuse of power...

Skipping work can become easily addicting. This hub is promoting the very occasional deviance from work, not a frequent habit of it. Consistent work skipping won't help you or your employer. Nor will it do anything to get you that promotion, and is likely to lead to your termination from your job.

If you find yourself hooked on playing hookie - please - seek part time work.

Being Mischievous Can Lower Stress

While most people will feel a tinge of guilt when they play a day of fake sickness. Though I dare you to find anyone who could really say that playing hookie wasn't fun. There is the occasion when someone will play hookie and have a really bad day, though I wouldn't blame that on skipping work - it probably would have been an equally crappy day there too.

Skipping work is fun, and not necessarily because you go out and do anything special, just because your doing something naughty for a change. It may not be the most moral thing in the world, but feeling that strange happiness can be good for you. Anything that promotes that euphoric feeling, promotes the flow of endorphins that help lower our stress levels and feed our bodies lots of healthy energies.

It Reminds You That You Have Options

Sometimes you might find yourself thoroughly feed up of everything at your current job. Your bss sucks, your co-workers are crude and the work load is too much for the low pay you're getting. Make it a Monday and even hades starts to look like paradise in comparison next to going to work.

In these situations, you might find it beneficial to take an unofficial holiday from work. It will give you a chance to meditate on what you're so unhappy about and to ponder what else is out there for you. Skipping work for a day isn't going to cost you your job, and even if it does, you have many other options.

The World Works In Mysterious Ways....

There are times in life, when we do strange things that appear to have no purpose at first, then suddenly those actions all come to make sense - once the outcome has appeared.

Maybe you decide to call in sick to work one day, go to the local 7-11 and buy yourself some scratch and lottery tickets. On the way home from the convenience store, you find $5 on the ground. Once you're home, you spend a quiet day at home enjoying your deviant self for a day, and then when the news comes on you find you've won the lotto!

Or maybe it so happens that you skipped work and went to visit your parents, who inform you that an astranged relative has passed on and you've somehow inherited a huge mansion a few hours away...

Say you skipped work for a day, answered the phone when you normally couldn't have (cause you were at work) and receive an offer to work for a bigger company that pays more, gives full benefits and a fancy office with a view...

Maybe Ed McMan will drop by when you otherwise wouldn't have been home....

Who knows?

The world works in mysterious ways and there have definitely been stranger things to have happened.

Could there be some benefits to playing hookie from work (occasionally)?

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    • profile image

      Brit... 4 years ago

      The only reason I am doing it is cause I have a test I am taking . Other than that I would be there, I guess that is kind of lame . Oh well.

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

      That's funny. I just wrote a hub about this very subject a few seconds ago.

      I so want to play hooky permanently from the job where I am.

    • profile image

      Sarah Dixon 6 years ago

      I played hooky today and I feel a bit quilty...but I hate my job and my managers are a bunch of stuck up dumb-*sses. I really hate waking up every morning and having to put on that fake smile and pretend like I actually want to be here... but I also don't want to lose my job, because there aren't much choices out there due to the economy.. and this job pays pretty well. So, I played hooky today in order to keep my sanity :)