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The Best Business and Marketing Plans Have a Back Up

Updated on January 17, 2011

Nearly all you might have experienced this example in the past: you will have your workweek all planned out, you recognize precisely what you’re about to do and exactly when you’re likely to do it. All things are going perfect as outlined by this plan.

Or, so you thought.

Abruptly and without warning, one particular situation can alter everything. Before very long the whole week is turned the wrong way up. What you thought you could possibly do when you planned your week is not be doable any longer due to this interruption.

It truly doesn’t even matter what the circumstance is. A lot of things may go completely wrong when your independent working. Take a look at a few:

•           You might receive a critical telephone call from a sick friend or relative

•           The power and/or web connect go out

•           You could wake up in the morning as sick as a dog

•           An accident could damage your car, your home, or (heaven forbid) you

•           Your computer could abruptly quit working

Take your pick, and it’s possible (and in many cases likely) that something will ultimately go awry and wreck your business plan for the week. I’m sure that you can think of bothersome situations that aren’t even on my list.

That's where a backup plan comes into play.

Data Back Up

How many times do you backup your projects? Is your data back-up on your pc, or at an additional place? Just how much work or business info might you lose should your computer went down?

Net Book or Laptop

Do you have a mobile laptop that you can use to gain access to public WiFi areas should your Web or electricity quits working? Have you got a listing of Wireless areas in your area?

Client Details

Do you have a real copy of your client contact info that can be used to contact your clients in case of an emergency?

Peers Who Might Pinch Hit For You

It’s not necessarily a bad notion to network with associates and plan to “cover” for him or her in the case of an unexpected emergency if they agree to “cover” for you. (Of course, cost details must be determined accordingly.)

Professional Consultants

Do you know whom you would consider should you have had a financial challenge? Who could you consider should you have a legal difficulty? It’s best if you opt for a number certified professional advisors prior to an authentic dilemma as opposed to running to locate an advisor after issues has struck


Have you got a more experienced coworker who will function as an advisor in case you are confronted by a challenging project? Mentors will help you take on hard problems in your own industry and provide you with field specific advice


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    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Great hub. Great advice.