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The Best Email Marketing Tips

Updated on September 10, 2009

The Best Email Marketing Tips

The Best Email Marketing Tips

So you are thinking about doing a little email marketing to boost the monthly funds.  You heard about all the other people doing it.  Why can't you do it as well?  So why not?  But where do you start.  You know the theory about what you are suppose to do, but you are a bit hesitant on continuing with your first campaign.  That is okay.  I want to tell you a little more information that will help push you into the arena of email marketing.  Here are a few email marketing tips that you should know before you send out any email.

The Best Email Marketing Tips:

Have a form to collect email addresses.  Do you have a Website?  Do you own a blog?  Do you have any traffic flow toward these mediums that provide people with information?  If not, you should really consider getting one.  Once you have one you will need to place content on the site and provide a optin form for interested readers to sign up with.  The people that fill out this form will be those who become a part of your email marketing campaign.

Do not send irrelevant information to email list.  People optin to your list for a reason: They are only interested in you niche information.  Therefore. if you are writing about cars and people sign up with your form because they know you write about cars, send them information about cars.  Do not send them information about anything other than your niche topic.  Irrelevant information is a big no-no!

Do not spam.  This is biggest one of my email marketing tips.  Remember only send email messages to people that consent to receiving information from you.  If you do not comply to this, you can be hit with lawsuits that can effect your overall campaign, not to mention your reputation.  Therefore, make sure you have the reader's consent before a letter is...sent!

Provide helpful information.  People optin to your email list for a reason:  They are looking for quality information.  Do not send them 200 words about your niche that no one will understand.  That is like throwing dirt in the faces of all your customers.  Take time and write out information that people will be able to learn from.  This will ensure that your list will remain with you.

These were just a few email marketing tips.  Start your email marketing campaign only after you have done a thorough reading about it.  If you do not know what you are doing and start sending out email letters you could be risking a lot.  Nonetheless, email marketing is a fun and profitable way to make a living.


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