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Best Holiday Gifts For Employees

Updated on December 11, 2019
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Billy Haynes is a content writer and founder of HD Writing Co., With business management experience, he often writes about business matters.

Best Holiday Gifts for Employees
Best Holiday Gifts for Employees

If you’re searching for the best holiday gifts for employees, you’re likely a manager or owner of a company. Recognizing your employees for the holidays bring cheer to the office and make employees feel appreciated. Apart from improving your office morale, offices that are happiest and enthusiastic are much more productive and successful.

Best Employee Holiday Gifts

During the holidays, just about everyone is feeling the pinch of putting on parties, buying presents for loved ones, and a gift from an employer can brighten the holidays. The trick is finding gift ideas that you can afford as a company that will also be appreciated and used by your employees.

Choosing The Right Holiday Gifts

Getting your team involved in the gift selection process is an easy way to ensure that everyone will enjoy their holiday gift. As nice as a monetary holiday bonus is to help pay for a present or two, having an actual gift for them is more meaningful. Gift certificates that help purchase the holiday turkey, holiday ham, or other grocery items make the season more fun. See some of the most popular holiday gift certificates here.

Holiday Gift Options

Gifts that make the biggest impact during the holidays are those that make the holidays more enjoyable. Running out and buying a new tennis racket with cash doesn’t really help put the holidays together; as much as a turkey gift certificate. Helping your employees afford the finer things for the meals during the holiday season makes them more cheerful and less of a financial burden.

Holiday Gifts To Avoid

There are some common but unwelcomed gifts that many employers hand out during the holidays that are actually counteractive to improving morale or loyalty. Things like pens, mugs, polos, or t-shirts with your company logo isn’t a gift that is for the recipient. It is advertising. It is best to give gifts that people will use in their daily life, or things that they can redeem to make the holidays more fun!

Personalizing The Gifts

Simply getting a briefcase, pen, or gift certificate handed to you isn’t nearly as meaningful as a handwritten letter. The best holiday gifts and most memorable are those that come with a handwritten message customized to each employee. Managers should take the time to recognize the things that each employee excels at and recognize their value to the team and the company. This message should be delivered to the employee with the holiday gift.

If you have a large staff and don’t have the time to personalize your messages, there should still be a handwritten greeting and “thank you” with each of your holiday gifts. Holiday gift certificates many times can include a short message and company logo.

Holiday Gifts For Clients & Business Partners

Employees are just part of what directly contributes to your success. Without your loyal clients and helpful business partners, it would be impossible to keep your operation going. Don’t forget to include your clients and business partners in your holiday gift-giving effort. Even small gifts show thought and appreciation for their contributions to your success. Gifting your clients and partners in this way helps create greater loyalty through appreciation.

10 Holiday Gifts for Employees

Are you looking to give your employees or co-workers a gift this holiday season? Gifts can be subtle, professional, or just humorous. For company’s, providing small gifts in addition to a turkey gift certificate can show employees they are appreciated.

The following are 10 of the best holiday gift ideas for employees or co-workers.

1. Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Mug Set

A simple gift to express sentiments during the holidays. An appropriate gift for any employee or staff member.

2. Christmas Gift Basket

If you cannot decide on a single idea for a gift, a gift basket is one option. Start with a theme and add various products to the basket and hand them out.

3. Inspirational Items

From coffee mugs to mini bean bags, inspirational products can help employees feel appreciated while boosting morale and motivation.

4. Coffee Mug Warmer

Is there a bunch of coffee drinkers in the office? Gifting a coffee mug warmer keeps your employees' coffee warm, helping them avoid running to warm it up.

5. Touch Screen Friendly Gloves

Does your staff complain of being cold a lot or spend time outdoors during cold months? If so, they might enjoy thermal or heated gloves designed to be touch screen friendly.

6. Employee Appreciation Spa Box

You can make employees feel special with a certificate for a spa day. Or, create a spa day gift set, great for men or women. Spa gift sets can include an aromatic candle, butter, balm, and soaps.

7. Mini Punching Bag

Employees can choose to take their gift home or set it up on the desk for a fun stress reliever. They can be a great way to release frustration throughout the day, from family members to dealing with rough clients. It can even be considered to be part of a stress management strategy.

8. DIY Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee gift baskets are a gift you can easily put together yourself with various coffee-related products, allowing employees to enjoy it at home.

9. DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Set

If you want to gift something sweet, but easy to put together, you cannot go wrong with a hot chocolate gift set. They are great for cold winter days and require hot cocoa, marshmallows, and a candy cane for decoration.

10. Customized Products

If you want to give your staff products individualized for them, consider a customized gift. There are various types of products that can be customized, from mugs and mouse pads to just about anything you can imagine. Customized products may be best for a smaller staff.

One method to determine the best type of gift is a survey. You can question what each employee likes or dislikes to get an idea tailored to them. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide on the best holiday gifts for employees, staff members, or even your co-workers this holiday season.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Billy Haynes


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