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Best Motivational Books for Small Business Owners

Updated on January 16, 2014

Top Motivational Books for Success

If you are an entrepreneur or just trying to turn your life around, by becoming more financially independent & better organized, you probably read motivational books, or have an interest in reading a few.

Reading self motivating books is a great way to pump yourself up about changing your life, and at the same time, can make it fun to learn new things to incorporate in your business life.

Over the years I have read many books for the sake of keeping up my motivation, and to try to keep my mind financially driven to meet some major goals in Real Estate investments and for general business growth.

These are the books I would recommend to anyone who wants to get ahead and be successful in business, and life.

  • First, I must say that if you have not read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, you absolutely must. This is the classic that my immigrant father had to read when he first came to this country. It was originally published in the 30's and the Dale Carnegie lectures are still being held today. If focuses on getting along better with people in personal and business life. If you are a CEO, a manager or hope to be someday, don't head to the office without this.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This was a major best seller and has evolved into a series of Rich Dad Poor Dad books and seminars. This is a very enjoyable read and a great way to start self motivating, if this is something new to you. Some have criticized it for being overly simple, however, that is essentially what makes it a fun book to read and what I consider a motivational book as opposed to an "all you need to know about business", book.
  • The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, and William D. Danko. This book is considered a classic to entrepreneurs. This book provides real statistics that show how millionaires think and what they do to remain wealthy. During these times when Americans seem to have lost site of the fact that America is the land of opportunity and wealth is still attainable no matter what your current situation is. This book can help steer you to think like Mitt Romney, in order to gain your ultimate success, rather than be resentful of achievements that we imagine to be beyond our reach.
  • The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. Interesting and engaging book that focuses on how to avoid making financial mistakes, and stresses that success is a skill that can be learned. I have never forgotten what this book said about people having a "built in thermostat" that they are comfortable with, and that in order to attain wealth, we must learn to adjust the thermostat. For example Lottery winners are often poor until they win millions, and a great percentage of them end up broke, because their thermostat makes them spend until they have reached their comfort zone again. If you are always around $2000 in debt, that is your thermostat comfort zone. Donald Trump had gotten into major trouble in some of his dealings, but he always manages to attain extreme wealth as though the trouble never even existed. That is because Trump's thermostat is set for "millionaire".
  • The Art Of The Deal by Donald Trump. Regardless of what you think of Trump's marriage to shallow, plastic women, and buffoon quality reality shows, he is a self made millionaire. Before anyone says, "he inherited it", I am going to say, no he did not. Fred Trump was a relatively successful man, but in no way like Donald. Fred Trump had five children and Donald is the only one we hear about. Yes, Donald Trump had the opportunity to either take what his father passed on to him, or hustle to be his own man; the latter is exactly what he did. This book was released in the 80's when Trump was just gaining major fame as a well known millionaire. If you are serious about being wealthy and learning, keeping an open mind is important and we can all learn a lot from someone like Donald Trump.

Some more popular books for business people and those who need to be inspired.

  • The Richest Man in Babylon
  • The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful People
  • The E Myth

Motivational Books Off the Beaten Track

  • A book I was highly skeptical about reading and discovered it to be one of the most entertaining and straight down to business books on getting rich is, How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis. He gives examples, provides new information, and most importantly, just as was the case with Donald Trump's first book, The Art of The Deal, How To Get Rich was written entirely by Felix Dennis who is a millionaire many times over. The mindset of its writer is clear, he knows his business, and he is a master entrepreneur.
  • A book that I reference often is called simply, Goals, by Brian Tracy. It does repeat itself a little, but nevertheless it is a powerful motivational tool.

Big Success Books From Amazon


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    • Skarlet profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from California

      Thank you Dee aka Nonna.

      Yes, they are all great books. I have read Dale Carnegie's book several times though. Its amazing.

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 

      9 years ago

      I've read all the books you mentioned. They each provide wisdom and insight and I enjoyed each of them for differnt reason. Enjoyed reading this. I'd actually forgotten I read a couple of them.


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