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What Are The Best And Most Common Selling Items And Categories On eBay?

Updated on October 8, 2017
eBay is the largest and most popular online auction site.
eBay is the largest and most popular online auction site.

What Are Consistent Top Selling Items?

In this article, I’m going to look over what some of the top selling eBay items and categories are. While individual items will vary over time, certain kinds of items and categories will always remain hot sellers in an auction environment such as eBay.

Although eBay may not always have the most agreeable policies with everyone, they’ve certainly succeeded in making one of the largest, open and continuous marketplaces ever seen or conceived. They have to deal with a lot of information, a lot of different people, and a whole lot of money exchanging hands. Not always an easy task.

Most people only use eBay on a "part time" basis, and maybe for just a little extra cash. It's perfect for that reason as most the items you already own are ones that will probably sell on eBay. It's also great, however, for those who have more in-depth knowledge into a particular field and can get "new" inventory relatively cheaply and/or easily. If you have a little savvy and know how, you can end up doing very well for yourself and even make a nice profit.

Everyday & Household Items Are Key

The best place to start is with everyday household and entertainment items. Most people constantly have and want these kinds of items. They’re useful and have a mass appeal which makes them easy to sell because they have constant demand. These items can usually be shipped cheaply and easily for the average person as well.

The downside is that these items will usually have somewhat small profit margins, unless of course you already own the item, have intimate knowledge of the field, or can get the items relatively cheaply.

Deciding what to sell on eBay can sometimes be the hardest part.
Deciding what to sell on eBay can sometimes be the hardest part. | Source

Clothing & Shoes

Clothing and shoes are huge sellers on eBay. Clothes are always in universal demand. You'll want to think twice before throwing out those old jeans or giving away those shoes you never wore. You never know who might pay good money for them. Especially if they're name brand items. People often pay more and are willing to buy name brand items that are still in good condition.

Shoes are also big on eBay. I'm not an expert on shoes, but I know enough to see that this can be a serious money maker for someone who's smart and knows their shoes and brands. Both men and women like shoes and will pay top dollar for the right pair.

Toys, Games, & Entertainment

This is one area of eBay that seems to get a bit of press and attention. And it happens all the time with the newest and hottest item. Furby, Pokémon, Elmo, Beanie Babies, new game consoles from Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft, iPads, iPhones, and the list goes on.

These kinds of items sell at a very high rate and you'll often find them at the top of the best sellers list. The demand is huge but the supply might be limited or hard to access. This can create a big profit margin for the seller though.

Besides the hot item of the day, numerous other toys and old games do very well on eBay. You'd be surprised to find out how many people might still be interested in paying good money for old games, dvd's, and cd's.

Collectibles & Memorabilia

This is one area in particular that is very well suited for eBay and an auction style in particular. These kinds of items are often sold through auctions anyway so what better way than through the worlds biggest online auction.

Collectibles and memorabilia can range all across the board. Usually, the older and more authentic, the better. Think of anything from snow globes to baseball cards, an autographed poster, stamps, coins & paper money, sports memorabilia, and antiques.

Jewelry, Watches & Wallets

Jewelry is one of those categories that is a classic and has long lasting appeal and value. With popular rare and precious elements such as gold and diamonds, jewelry can also be quite lucrative.

Even homemade jewelry can do very well on eBay as there are many kinds of taste out there, and you never know unless you try.

Do not underestimate the world of watches. They are bought and sold daily and are a timeless selling piece. Just take a look at the current top sellers page on eBay and you'll see plenty of watches on there. Not only the nicer name brand watches such as Omega, Rolex, and Patek Philippe but more common and sporty watches as well such as Casio, Tag Heuer, and Nike. With a little bit of knowledge you might be able to turn a tidy profit on some old watches.

I can't leave out wallets and handbags on this hub. I don't know why, but these seem to be hot items on eBay. Women especially are buying and selling all kinds of wallets and handbags as they seem to always be in. The key to this kind of item and other items like it (shoes, clothes, accessories) seems to center around the brand name.


Books are the bread and butter of many an eBay seller out there. They're also popular with buyers as well. Books of all kinds sell well on eBay with nonfiction in particular seeming to do the best.

As with any item, if you can find a good, cheap source you can end up making a profit. This seems especially true with books as people sometimes perceive them as having very little value.

Cars & Auto Parts

I don't know a whole lot about cars and their parts, but what I do know is that eBay is a popular place for these things to be bought and sold. Many different parts are on offer from many kinds of sellers. Some are businesses and some individuals, luckily eBay lets you differentiate between the two.

Buyers and sellers alike seem to enjoy the eBay market for its huge pool of potential customers and the ability to find nearly anything you might need all in one place. This is big for auto parts because of the huge amounts of parts and variations depending on make and model. There are even antique parts available for those who are looking to spruce up an old car or truck.

Knowledge Is Power

Whatever item or category you may end up selling on eBay, the key in the end is to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of your product.

The more you know about a particular item or category the more likely you'll be able to spot a great deal or be able to hit on an items selling points, therefore garnering a higher price and bigger profit margin.


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      Stive 4 years ago

      I'm using this website, - best solution ever to find out what sells best on ebay :)

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Some good information and suggestions...well done. It's always good to be well prepared when attempting to sell on line.... especially eBay. Voted this hub up.