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The Best Startup Business Ideas with Low Capital: Top 3

Updated on May 16, 2016


If you want to earn more, you’ve got to have a passive income aside from your regular job. And one of the most effective and recommended ways is to start a business. But what will you offer to the hopefuls out there? Whether you are living in a city, municipality or province, here are 3 of the best startup ideas you can try.

#1: Online Selling

This would probably be a very interesting part of business. Before, we always shopped classically while holding shopping carts and looking into every nook and cranny of the pile of clothes hanged upon the shop’s pedestal. Now that we have the internet, you could just browse while visiting shops like Lazada or Zalora, and other online group sellers like in or You could even see groups of sellers in Facebook offering deliveries or meet-ups.

With these facts known, you should be eager to open an online shop. All you need is a product to sell, which the customers should see as “hot”. You can also sell on-hand items or pre-order items from foreign countries like Korea. Aside from this, selling second hand items could also help you loosen up your wardrobe. To advertise, just create accounts that would promote and highlight your products like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – for free.

Of course, people should be able to trust you too so you have to show evidences that you’re a real entrepreneur. These evidences could be photos of the receipts, the items you just shipped to your buyers, as well as customer reviews. Online shoppers usually rely on Facebook or Google reviews. Having all those said and done, more customers will buy your products and could even market you to their family and friends.

The online world has a tremendous field of scope, which makes it a large-scale business medium too. Aside from selling, you can venture into blogging as well. Numerous travelers, fashion fanatics and others create fun blogs to entertain and earn profit. In addition, YouTubers who depend on their subscribers, and video likes and views can earn money as you click through their videos and their corresponding ads. All you need is to perform and entertain, as the viewers themselves will advertise you if they’re hooked enough.

Not only does it go to that scope, you can also write eBooks and sell them to or feature them in Some of these eBooks even get scouted by publishing companies which can make you earn additional profit aside from having a gratifying hardbound creation. In addition, aside from selling your products, you can also sell services. Just create an account and offer services through the most popular online marketplaces today like Upwork and Fiverr.

A woman freelancer.
A woman freelancer.

#2: Ukay-Ukay (UK) or Thrift Shops

You probably have those branded good quality clothing that you’ve always tagged as your “fab fav” but it has grown small on you. You can even possess large-sized jeans that you thought were perfect fit but you just lost weight. Aw, what a waste. Having these clothes being thrown to demise, they are now imprisoned in the corner of the darkest rooms, hoping to see the light. Well, you can still make them usable by selling in your thrift shop! Aside from helping you earn a profit, you can help people find a cheaper good quality outfit just for them.

If you want to start a UK (ukay-ukay) business, you’ll probably need to find yourself a location approximately 10 square meters huge or less. If you couldn’t afford renting a location, you could just facilitate your garage or your background if tons of crowds are passing by at your place every day.

Aside from selling all your extra or unwanted clothes, you’ll need at least $200 for the goodies you’ll sell. You can find suppliers online or ask other shops where they get their supplies and you can even have a discount, which means a lesser capital for you. These goodies can include blouses, sweaters, shirts, shoes, bags, accessories, dresses, and other types of fashion totems.

Trending items that most people patronize are branded ones or those that came from Europe, Japan, Korea and the US. Checking any damage like missing buttons, stains and messed up tailoring would help customers trust your thrift shop. You’ll also need an additional $200 for your racks, mannequins, hangers, chairs, tables, and fan. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it. There are many owners already who were able to buy their dream cars and houses because of pursuing this business.

For more advertising of your UK shop, you could accompany it with an online shop where you create your account in Facebook or Instagram to highlight your products. You could even purchase a site or just make a blog in Tumblr or WordPress free. If there are people who bought a lot in your store, you can get their numbers and ask them to share your page if they are willing to be informed regularly of your new arrivals.

Hanging used clothing for sale.
Hanging used clothing for sale.

#3: Computer Shop or Internet Café

The whole wide world is fond of technology, but of course, not all people have their own desktops or laptops with stable internet connection at home, so they’ll go to computer shops to either type, browse the net, print or play. Also, a lot of guys are fond of playing computer games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, Counter Strike, Point Blank, Elsword etc. Just name them all and you’ll probably see someone playing these (mostly online or LAN games) when you enter one.

Most are also played by team so there will be most likely a large group of five, even if they have their own computer unit at home (but they want to play together while talking) who’ll visit the shop and play all at once. Some people who have slow internet connections at home also visit these computer shops, which could really be a good business to start with.

You’ll probably need to start purchasing the latest high-performing hardware for 15-20 units of computer. These would include the CPU (with many components), 17” LCD Monitor, keyboard, mouse, automatic voltage regulator, printer and scanner, coupon bonds, cables, internet and other expenses. In addition, you’ll also need to buy the software that the customers need, the tables, chairs, air-conditioning, and rent if ever you want it to be in the middle of the city. These will most likely take up to approximately $7,000 plus depending on the brands and qualities of the said wares.

You could locate your shop in an area near schools or just a crowd of people. In order to make sure that the customers will pay, you better set up a CCTV or position the main computer where you’d monitor at the door where everyone goes in and out. Letting little children that curses a lot in games and those who are in their uniforms during class hours should also be kicked out. These customers are the problems of most of the internet cafes wherever you go. It’s best to be safe and alert too.

To attract a lot of customers, you should also make sure to contact your service provider as soon as possible whenever there is a problem with the connection. (Check the ping using speed test sites.) Knowing that the Philippines is still a developing country, there is still has a lot of work to do regarding the internet provider services. A slow internet connection would shrug off customers that they might never come back again. Also, always check the latest updates on games from Steam or Garena for the gamers out there.

A computer shop.
A computer shop.


There would also be a lot of business ideas that could spark your mind depending on your inspiration. You might even be inspired to build a cake shop because you love cakes or even have your own call center company because you love to talk and have the skills in English or other language.

Just make sure to invest your money into a legal path, and of course, in a sure way of earning profit to help you and the economy prosper instead of patronizing foreign country’s products and services.

Also, do not ever forget to promote your product based on your target audience or costumers. It is great idea to start with poster printing as early as possible. And then, pair this marketing strategy with the use of social media.

Lastly, make sure to earn while having fun while doing the business. Happiness would always be the key to be successful in life. If you’re not happy or determined in what you do and just think about money and your future profit, you’d most likely get exhausted and bankrupt in the long run. Love your job, love your business!

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    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 19 months ago from East Coast

      Great article. Reselling things for cash is a great way to make money. It benefits everybody in the long run. Very well written. I am going to be pinning this!

    • Evane profile image

      Eva 22 months ago from Philippines

      @ MsDora. Right. Count me in. I always find great clothing in thrift shops. Some of them are even branded. And I don't mind if I it's a used item as long as it is clean and most of all, it looks good on me. :) Fashion is not about what you wear but how you wear it, right? With the consignment items, that I am not familiar. But some thrift shops in the Philippines are displaying unused old style clothing that are seemingly unsold. It's just weird.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 22 months ago from The Caribbean

      Three popular ideas! I've gotten many good purchases for very little money from thrift shops. I wonder if the owners make good money, even with consignment items.