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The Best Way to Spend Your Off Days

Updated on July 17, 2013

Off days are those precious days you get to take a break from your daily hectic work schedules. We all wait for the off days to arrive soon, so that we can relax a bit and charge up for the heavy tasks waiting for us in the coming week. Off days need to be spent with care so that it could add some value to our life and this can be done by using the off days to do something that would be of benefit to us.

Saturdays and Sundays are always off days for me and actually in the early days I was really confused at how to spend the off days efficiently. I used to waste my off days without doing anything valuable and the only thing I did was to sleep, eat and watch TV. But later on I came to note that I was wasting a considerable amount of my time for no cause.

This feeling came to creep as a great regret to me as I used to spend a lot of my off days without doing anything valuable and finally I decided to do something valuable so that I do not regret on the time lost. There are many ways to spend your off days and here I would like to list few of them and I considerable these the best ways.

1) Spending time with your family
This is the ultimate way to spend your off days and it would be a totally great experience as it would help you to shed of the tensions that are related to your work and personal things. You can spend your time with your kids, wife, father, mother, sister or brother and can also share your various issues with them and get a good solution for them.

2) Cleaning Your House
We all consider that cleaning the house is the duty of the ladies present in the house and we do not have any business in that matter. But the fact is that we can do the cleaning activities of our house in the off days and give the ladies a much needed break so that they can prepare something special for us in the meantime.

3) Cleaning the Surroundings of Your House
Same as we clean our house, we can also clean the surroundings of our house on off days as most of the ladies find it difficult to clean the surroundings when compared with cleaning the interior part of the house. This would also provide some sort of exercise to our body and would also help to shed some extra calorie.

4) Helping in the Kitchen
For those who are interested in cooking, they can try their hand in the kitchen during the off days provided you are sure that the stuff that you cook is eatable.

5) Cleaning Clothes
You wife, mother or sister might be washing your clothes during the week days, but all the time they would not be able to clean all of your clothes. So you can take the off days to clean your clothes and relieve your family members for doing other activities.

6) Cleaning vehicles
Those having vehicles, the off days are the best time to clean your vehicles. Your vehicles might be dirty enough during the week days as you might be using them for getting at your work place and by the end of the week your vehicle become unidentifiable due to the excess amount of accumulated dusts. So take the off time to clean your vehicles and make it ready for the week ahead.

7) Doing a bit of gardening
If you have some space surrounding your house, then you can do some bit of small scale gardening. This is something really interested and you can plant useful stuffs which would give you some amount of vegetables for the cooking purposes at home.

8) Visiting religious places
Visiting religious place on off days is a mandatory thing, as it would help you to relax your mind and rejuvenate it for the coming week. It is something like recharging your tired mind and make sure that you allocate sufficient time for religious activities on the off days.

9) Visiting those who are going through a bad phase
There might be a lot of people around you who might be going through a bad phase of their life and may be facing many serious issues such as financial problems, diseases and other family problems. It is always better to visit them during the off days and it would really make them feel relieved from their tensions and you would also feel a kind of satisfaction.

10) Planning for the next week
Take the off days to relax your mind and plan for the next week ahead. You can plan all your career related activities for the next week during the off days and this would help you in performing at your work place in a much better way.


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