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The Business of Prestigious Customer Service

Updated on May 27, 2017

In many small start-ups, customer service comes in the form of web advertisements, videos, webinars, podcast, distance phone calls and emails with an occasional face to face encounter. But the importance of reaching and pleasing customers cannot be denied.

Outstanding customer service will be the engine that makes your business go from a small start-up to a successful self-owned company. Without people who want to buy a product or service, a business is worthless and might as well shut down.

Here’s an example of how important buyers to the economy. If customers stop buying because of some image problem or shake up in the economy, a business will suffer and perhaps shut down. Remember the 2008 recession when many companies went out of business due to extremely low sells.

The same thing applies to start-ups. If you are not making in sells due to the lack of reaching out and connecting with customers, then your business is in danger of failing. Continual low customer response is a warning signal to small businesses.

Therefore, making yourself known in the marketplace and fulfilling the wants and needs of your customers must take top priority.

A Well-Satisfied Customer Looks for:


Respecting the customer is an exceptionally wise move. You don’t avoid your customers when they inquire about possible mistakes in your service or deliveries. Instead, you are quick to apologize and perhaps offer an incentive.

Getting frustrated with customers and disrespecting them is asking for a damaged reputation and sudden abandonment. All customers want to know that you appreciate them and care deeply about fulfilling their needs and wants.


High quality

A customer wants to see quality in every aspect of your business, especially in the product or service in which you are offering. No own wants a product that only lasts a few days and then must be replaced due to a defect never really taking serious enough to repair.

But sometimes, out of greed, companies may go ahead and sell a defective product to the public. For example, in 2006, Toyota, a well know automobile brand, had to execute a massive recall on one of its Brands due to defective acceleration problem.

Assessing Your Customer Service

Do Customers Flock to Your Brand?

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After several people got seriously injured or lost their lives because of such defect, the company’s image took a downward spiral. The competition took full advantage. Quality counts.

Lightning Speed

Customers want their product or service on time. The quicker you can fulfill the needs and wants of your customers, the more they will choose you over the competition. Speed and delivery are the hallmarks of keeping customers satisfied.


Many small businesses often anger their customers due to very poor logistics. Processes and operations are confused. The delivery of products and services are slow. Many orders get lost in the process. Many start-ups and home-based businesses are often guilty of such mistakes.

The speed of delivery depends on having all the key players at the ready, including suppliers and distributors.

Favorable Pricing

Customers love it when you are creative with pricing. Offering your products and services at a reasonable price along with superior quality will go a long way in winning loyalty and growing a dynamic customer base.

Be creative with pricing for the sake of creating joy in buyers. Offer discounts and coupons to keep them excited and coming back. In fact, make it your custom to reward your loyal customers repeatedly.


When customers need your product or service, you must not disappoint them. What makes customers run to competition is a lack of availability when it comes to demand. Many buyers possess very little patience. If you are unable to deliver, your customers will run to your rivals.

Therefore, a small business must be keen on inventory. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of products to avoid disappointing your customers.


Your loyal customers may forgive you one or two times, but soon even loyal customers may lose patience if the product or service they are demanding is constantly unavailable.

Concluding thoughts

Pleasing your customers isn’t the easiest task in the world, especially if you are new to the game, such as a start-up. Nevertheless, you must take full advantage of every communication channel, including all aspect of social media. Facebook, Link IN, Twitter, Pin Interest will most likely play a key role in making your business known and selling to your target audience.

Your goal is to reach customers and please them far better than what the competition can ever do. That is your key to making sure customers are well-satisfied.


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