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Home Income and Easy Money Get Rich Quick Scams

Updated on December 4, 2011

Published November 18, 2010

Updated: Novembeer 30, 2011

When I was a child, we used to watch a particular sitcom on Sunday nights called Petticoat Junction. My most vivid memory of the show, aside from the beautiful women, was a particular character named Uncle Joe.

Now the characteristic of Uncle Joe that impressed me from the time I was a child until today, was that Uncle Joe was always looking for and occasionally finding the latest get rich quick scheme. Uncle Joe fell victim to the call to earn a home income with little effort or a call for easy money.

Many people today suffer from Uncle Joe's condition. Hard times force people to look for any means to make money. Unfortunately, not everybody is looking for honest, ethical work. Many people simply want to collect a paycheck and do not care how they obtain one.

I have written other hubs about get rich quick schemes and work at home scams. While doing some follow-up research on an earlier hub, I made an interesting discovery. There are plenty of hubs written on making money. I performed a search on HubPages for work at home opportunities and read many of the pages. I stopped for this evening after browsing through over 20 pages of results. This translates to over 200 hubs and I am fairly sure that I only scraped the top of the barrel.

The topic "work at home" is a very popular topic for one of three reasons and these reasons follow:

  1. Some people try to make money off other people's misery
  2. In a bad economy, people want to read about home income opportunities
  3. People write about home income opportunities because people read the material

Many of the hubs that I browsed were very helpful so the research was very productive because I learned more about work at home income opportunities and scams. However, not all the pages presented legitimate opportunities.

Be Careful

Be careful whose advice you follow. I write on HubPages because I very much enjoy the venue. HubPages gives writers a place to inexpensively express their views. Unfortunately, just because you read about an opportunity on HubPages does not mean the opportunity is legitimate.

Some writers join simply to publish a single hup promoting a so-called opportunity. These pages are typically scams. There are more scam artists out there than there are moderators at HubPages so the scam articles and hubs can slip through the cracks, however, they do eventually get discovered but this is of little help to people who previously fell for a scam. Yhe following section describes one such opportunity to beware of:

Free Stuff Promotion or SCAM

Everybody loves free stuff but as the old saying goes - "there are no free lunches." Don't get me wrong, some of these sites are legitimate. They are run by advertising firms trying to attract visitors to promotional sites and they are paid by the sponsors with listed those sites. Some people actually earn a part time home income by working these promotions but that is not what the sites are intended for. The promotions are meant to increase the public awareness and the visibility of the products and services contained in the underlying offers. Understand that these promotions do have requirements that must be met in order to earn the rewards they offer.

The way to use these promotions is to visit the site, choose a reward and register with the promotion company. You then complete a number of sponsor-offers to qualify, normally one or two. Finally you refer other people to the site and if enough of your referrals complete their offers then you can claim your reward. Some people earn a home income bu reselling the rewards they earn.

The rewards can range from gift cards to computers, wide-screen-LCD TV's, or cash. The number of referrals you need to send to the sites depend on the value of the rewards you choose.

For the reward to be free, however, you should not have to pay to complete the offers. Most of the sites I have looked at do have some free offers for participants to complete and some of them list over 100 offers. However, most of these sites require you to register with your credit card information to participate. Many of the free offers are free trials, the advertising company will bill your credit card on a monthly basis for any recurring membership offers you join, so be careful.

Complete offers for products or services that you will actually use if you participate in these promotions. You may obtain something you are looking for anyway for a reduced price and receive a free reward or even some extra cash for your trouble.

If you are wandering how the promotion companies make any money from these promotions, the answer is simple: most people who complete the required number of offers will fail to generate enough referrals to actually receive the reward for a particular promotion. The promotion company is paid by the sponsors of the offers whether any rewards are given out or not, so the promotion company counts on the probability that there will be many more participants who will drop out of the promotion after completing a few offers than there will be participants who actually qualify for the rewards.

Project Payday

Project Payday is an alleged opportunity to earn a home income or make extra money in your spare time. The promotion is advertised by Monica St. John. The site does not divulge what exactly a prospect is signing up for until the prospect signs up.. What you do if you choose to accept is participate in an offer program similar to what was described above, then they will point you to an offer swapping site like Free iPod Guide. This type of site is a sort of trading post for these types of offers. If you are interested in this type of opportunity, save yourself the extra work and go to the Free iPod Guide site directly.


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    • Dumbledore profile image

      Dumbledore 6 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio


      Thanks for the comment. I am still looking for lagitimate opportunities and am finding that there are very few to be found.

    • bigzorro profile image

      bigzorro 6 years ago from Germany

      I fully agree that there are enough scam masters online who are looking for victims in order to make money out of them. When I was a newbie online I did many mistakes and lost much money to these so called scammers. I like that you want to help the people with your advice.