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The Computer Learning Center is it you

Updated on March 1, 2013
The Computer Learning Center is it you
The Computer Learning Center is it you | Source

The Computer Learning Center is it you

The Computer Learning Center is it you

I was thinking the other day, I know that’s dangerous, and I was typing like I do 12 hours a day if not more, and thinking about the computer learning center . What is a computer learning center also is it a place where I learn how to operate a Desktop PC or a laptop or is a learning center for the computer. The thought of, blogging, SEO of webpages and spiders that crawl the web, who controls the spiders , what is really going on with the internet here? Are we not training the mainframe of the internet with Captcha’s, , those two word things that keep me , or data from computers from imputing data just out of air, to login to a website or this blog for example. Why are we banning the computer. In reality we are training the brain of the main frame Internet to be human. I have news to the world, this is working, and why would we train an electronically Instrument to learn our problems and our everyday activities. We have Facebook, Twitter , and several other Social Media programs out to discuss our inner most feelings ,in that catches all this information and data, and transfers it into a way where we have a circle of trust with the computer learning center, you.

I do not think this is too far-fetched of an Idea, we have You showing every moment from inception of life at childbirth to doing stupid human things, and all the while the brain of the computer learning center is taking in this information and processing it for what reason. Think about it, your personal email for example and you’re online dating, you provide your most intimate feelings to your loved ones or the closet contacts. The telephone is being zoned out of most of this, data is the key. The key to how humans act, react to a situation is recorded everywhere on the internet, not the news, the news is a conglomerate of theories that we cannot confirm nor deny, because of the Internet we can find out about a story before a news anchor can if you are willing to do this. The news use to be how we relied upon what was going on the world, and now it’s just about which major station has which actor that delivers the coverage and whom we believe is left up to you. The computer is in front of every director, model, actor, business man, any occupation has a computer except maybe the newspaper boy, he has Bluetooth so he can jam to his Mp3’s while delivering the paper, yet now it’s not a kid’s job is it, there are people my age delivering the paper for extra money, because times are tough on everyone.

Ok, So Chris let’s say you’re right the MTV video took over the music business in a big way when MTV started up ,all there was were videos, nothing else but Video Jockey’s, they were called. I’m that old, I remember also the Trs-80 Radio Shack computer with the 5 and half inch disc drives , no brain for the computer at this point the disc held all the information, then BBS systems came to play , and AOL was the first Major online source besides Delphi, and the Internet was born into public life. The Internet has been around for years, and who really has the control, right. I am not going to say because I do not know, I have a feeling, yet I’m a number as you are and an email address with Google AdSense to try to make extra money by entrusting a computer learning center to make sure I get my hits, the affiliates who say they will pay because they have a number for me, if they don’t want to acknowledge my sale, Do they have to because I have a number?

I am caught up in the system as most in the world are, I tweet, I Facebook and do all I can to get my blogging out that has personal information on every fingerprint I put out to this computer, it knows my whole life upside and right side and the bad. Yes, the places I should have not gone to and thought I was safe, from the internet, well there is no hiding if you think about it. You are tagged as I am tagged, the computer learning center has all your information and knows your Doctor visits ,your boyfriend’s and then your husband’s girlfriend, and all other personal information .This blog will be reviewed very quickly and for keywords or is it for something else .This is nothing to be paranoid about just aware of as I always am , you’re the computer learning center and where is all your information going, and why is it being obtained, for what reason will it be used for?


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