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Earn Money at Home with HubPages Residual Income

Updated on January 31, 2013

The Concept of Residual Income

The concept of writing online is that of residual income, you write an article today and it earns you money each month for as long as it’s up on the Internet..

It is as if you did a TV show and there are reruns and you get paid for the reruns without doing any extra work. You write an article today and it keeps earning you money in the future. It could be there for 10 years and you’ve spent one time writing it.

Where does the money come from?

HubPages (and others) put adverts next to your article, then when people click on the adverts you get a share of the revenue.

What’s the potential?

How much can you write? Quantity of articles plays a big part, but so does quality. No one wants to read badly written articles. The more you write, the more you can expect, but there are techniques too for promoting your articles.

I’m not a writer, can I still earn money?

It doesn’t need to be literature. You need to be able to write in good, correct English. People look to the internet for all sorts of information, you can be someone who provides that information.

Google Ads

Some people have a blog, they put Google ads on, they earn a trickle of money and are very happy, but there is a technique for how to get more money for the same piece of writing. The technique I’m teaching is writing articles for money in order to earn a decent salary. I’m talking 3-4 years time, I’m not talking next month or even in 6 months time. The potential is certainly there.

See your writing as a product.

You can write it and leave it or you can write it and then promote it. People write books and then go on tours to promote them, we are going to do the same thing with our articles. We will learn about backlinks and bookmarks.

You might not get any money for a while.

The articles take a while to really get into Google searches, so don’t expect any short term money, but it’s really important not to give up if you don’t see the rewards you hope for. Realize that writing online is writing for the long term, not the short term.

Start with HubPages

There are a lot of sites where you can earn residual income. In my opinion right now HubPages is the best and a good place to start. You could wake up tomorrow and HubPages has disappeared, so make sure you save a copy of whatever you write online.

Currently I write in about 6 different places, HubPages is the main place I write. Spread your work between a few different sites, don’t write all your articles on one site.

Suzanne Well’s video talks about residual income

This is the best explanation I have found on residual income. She talks about ehow, who actually don't do residual income any more, but if you watch it you’ll get an idea of the concept of residual income. Just go down the page a little way to find the video


Do you have a HubPages account?

If you don’t already have a HubPages account you can join by clicking here, then going to the top right hand corner of the page and clicking join. Choose your user name carefully, as you can't ever change it


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    • MomCrafting4Fun profile image

      MomCrafting4Fun 7 years ago from Sunny Califronia

      You did a great job describing residual income.