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The Definition of Superior Customer Service

Updated on August 1, 2014

Benny Hill: The Smiling Doorman

Benny Hill providing service with a smile!
Benny Hill providing service with a smile! | Source

CASABO (Come Again Soon and Bring Others)

Back in my youth I use to work for a certain fast food sandwich chain. That chain promoted the CASABO principle in connection with customer service. What is the CASABO principle? Come Again Soon And Bring Others. For any customer service oriented business that is the basic premise of superior customer service. We just don't want to recruit first time customers, but we want to build a loyal base of regular customers. The word of mouth advertisement that comes from superior customer service is just as important as any marketing campaign to attract new customers.

To help us come up with a clear definition of superior customer service let us consider some fundamentals that are essential to superior customer service.

Good Manners Checklist

Here are 3 important aspects of good manners that are fundamental to good customer service:

  1. Be a good listener
  2. Say thank you
  3. Apologize

The Power of Good Manners

Many of the fundamentals of superior customer service can be boiled down to the same good manners that our parents taught us when growing up. Good manners are good for business.

To begin with let us discuss the importance of being a good listener. Not only do we listen with our ears, but it is important that we maintain good eye contact. By listening to what the customer wants we will be showing personal interest. If the customer feels that we care about them they are more likely to return.

Another aspect of good manners that our parents taught us is the importance of saying thank you. Sincerely thanking the customer for their patronage is an important part of the definition of good customer service. If they feel that we truly appreciate their visit, they are more likely to return.

One of the hardest aspects of good manners is saying I'm sorry. But the ability to apologize is an important part of superior customer service. This is especially important when it comes to handling customer complaints. The apology doesn't necessary have to be taken as an admittance of guilt. It can simply be an acknowledgment that the customer isn't happy. If we are truly sorry, we are going to do more than just say it. We are going to show it by taking steps to correct the problem.

So you should really thank your parents for teaching you the good manners that are essential to good customer service. Also you can apologize to them for taking so long to do so.

Customer Care Affirmation Poster

An important part of superior customer service is providing the customer with assurance that you truly care about them.
An important part of superior customer service is providing the customer with assurance that you truly care about them. | Source

Customer Service Poll

Would you pay more for a product if the company offered superior customer service?

See results

Importance of Showing Personal Interest

Personal interest is a very important part of the definition of superior customer service. We can link this back to being a good listener. We got two ears and one mouth, so we want to exercise that ratio accordingly.

Another essential aspect of personal interest is getting to know the names of our regular customers. Once we get to know our customers by name, we can freely use it. As soon as they walk through the door, we can extend a warm greeting. When we thank them for their business, we can make sure to include their names. This will help them to view us as friends. If we build that kind of friendly relationship, they are more likely to keep returning.

Our personal interest will also include a warm smile. If we are happy to see them, they will be happy to see us. This will also apply if the customer service is over the phone. A warm smile will be reflected in the inflection of our voice.

Customer Service Word Cloud

A word cloud which helps define aspects of superior customer service.
A word cloud which helps define aspects of superior customer service. | Source

Treat Each Customer Like They Are the Only One

So we see that the definition of superior customer service involves two important aspects: good manners and personal interest. If we were to sum up the definition of superior customer service in a single sentence, it would be as followed: treat each customer as they are the only one. If we do so they will Come Again Soon And Bring Others.

The Soup Nazi (not the best example of customer service)

© 2014 Chris Baker


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    • ChrisJBaker profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Baker 

      5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Blond Logic, thanks for the read and the comment. I truly appreciate your personal insights. I absolutely agree with you that if a customer feels valued that they will continue to be a loyal patron. Customer service is definitely the lifeblood of a successful business.

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 

      5 years ago from Brazil

      I use to be a trainer at a large supermarket chain in the UK and training the staff in customer service was a big part of that. It was amazing how many staff didn't see how important it was. They were the type that didn't enjoy their work and soon left. Encouraging interaction and listening to the customer are crucial to building a strong customer base.

      A customer, over their lifetime, will spend a small fortune and they will choose to spend their money where they are valued.

      Great idea for a hub.


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