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The Double Burger Flipper

Updated on December 1, 2009

The Double Burger Flipper

One day I'll make a million dollars! That's not a lot of money for some people. How will I make this million? I don't know. But I do know that lesser men than myself have achieved greater heights than I ever aspired to. I certainly won't make my million dollars swinging a hammer, lifting a shovel or pushing a stone. Nope! Instead....
I flip burgers at Greasy Dave's and I dream of one day becoming the president of a chain of greasy burger joints. Just to show my boss that I'm up to the task, I show up for work with my custom made Double Burger Flipper, so I could serve twice as many in half the time. He likes that! My boss likes it so much that once a year I get a twenty dollar bonus to put away toward my million. Every now and then I get to take some leftover burgers home to my dog Stinky. Just think of the money I save on dog food. I put that away toward my million!
I get up every morning at 6:00.I get to sleep late, thanks to my Double Burger Flipper. Everyone else has to be clocked in by six for the breakfast rush. I get to clock in at 7:30 just in time for the hurried workers who want a quick fried egg sandwich to eat on their way to work. I can serve two at a time with my custom made Double Burger Flipper. I get an hour for lunch when everyone else gets only half an hour. My lunch is free; on the boss. The other employees only have to pay half price. One of the fringe benefits. That’s another 50% I save toward my million.

Every morning, my boss sends a car to drive me to work, and I get a ride home from someone who's going my way. I’m able to put the $3.00 a day I save on bus fare away toward my million dollars. I get a free uniform and great benefits. I get compliments and praise from my fellow workers, and my picture will be appearing in The Community Shopper since I have won The Employee of the Month award. I’ll get a $25.00 award that I could add to my million dollars. Thanks to my Double Burger Flipper.

My girlfriend told me that I should patent my Double Burger Flipper and sell it on TV. I could probably make a million dollars. But only I know how to use it. I’ve got this magic twist of the wrist that makes it work. Besides, if everybody had one, it would lose its uniqueness and my boss' burger joint wouldn't be so special anymore. I could lose my job! After all, my boss is making millions!


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