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The Fast Track Job for the Unemployed

Updated on April 16, 2013

For the millions unemployed for short or the very long term of over a year, the angst of finding a job, any job is never far from their mind. The experts will tell you that after being unemployed for nine or more months, your chances of finding any job greatly diminish because of the stigma attached and all of the usual reasons that haunt the unemployment. Many things cause a perfectly educated person to be unemployable. When a person is at that stage, it is hard to face. The only options are continue praying for a miracle, starting your own business and pray the funds used have not been wasted, or, begin a new career and pray is pays off.

As usual, the problem is where to put limited resources for the best chance for success. To be trained in the shortest time and to earn a good salary from the start, not years away, not some gig paying only $30,000. It's a hard plate to fill.

The only thing capable of this is coding, or computer programming. These guys are in huge demand. There are two schools in San Francisco that focus on this training.

Dev Bootcamp is the brainchild of Egyptian engineer, Bishay, who wanted to see how quickly a person could learn to code. People considered to be non-technical. He focused on what had to be used on the job, which was about 10% of what he was taught in college. So, he started the school teaching those critical elements in just 2.5 months time and charging $11,000. His students slaved, working nearly 70-80 hrs. or more a week! Students only have time to sleep. However, the successful ones are almost guaranteed a job paying between $80-100,000 yr. It all seems worth it. Every skill learned is used on the first day of employment. The school has a 95% job placement rate.

Another school, App Academy, is free. No tuition but when you get your first coding job, the school gets 15% of your first year's salary. No job, no pay.

The past year alone about 24 coding schools have started in New York, Chicago, Toronto, and other cities.

Coding is one tech career that is intense and lucrative. It might be the answer to career changing seekers or the long term unemployed.


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