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The Google Money Tree Scam

Updated on March 11, 2012
Beware: online scams are everywhere
Beware: online scams are everywhere | Source

Beware of this Google Scam Site

Google Money Tree can be found on several different Web site ads. When I initially stumbled onto the site, the professional-looking ad stated that I could make a maximum of $82/hour with part-time work. A professionally-dressed woman topped the Google Money Tree ad, under which read “use for jobs earning $50-$90/hr. Start making money today."

When I clicked on the ad, I found that a woman, named Laura Johnson, makes $800 every week by working an average of 8 hours/week. She's a stay-at-home mom.

Laura is pretty impressive- she even posts a "blog" at the bottom of her Internet ad that features great comments by happy customers of this product. Unfortunately, what no one says is just how this money is being earned. Scroll a little bit lower and you see an ad for the kit. This kit is offered for free, minus a $3.88 s/h charge.

When I clicked on the link that actually takes you to the Google Money Tree site, I found only the Web ordering form, along with more positive customer comments. However, there was one more item that lay hidden beneath this bulk of bologne: the Terms and Conditions link. When I clicked on this link, I found out some interesting tidbits of infomation. The Tree does offer to send you the starter kit for free, however, it also signs you up automatically to an online directories and training site. If you fail to cancel your membership in this sirectories and training site within just 7 days of ordering the Google Money Tree kit, you get charged a monthly membership fee of USD $72.21!

Now, I don't know about you, but it's unlikely that I would find the time to order, receive, and review a kit in 7 days, much less return it if I found out it wasn't for me.

When I researched Google Money Tree even further, I located some scam watchdog sites which have this "business" on their radar screen. There was some really damning evidence: for starters, not only does Google Money Tree charge the $72.21 monthly fee, but it also considers Sundays and holidays as regular business days. Good luck getting a hold of the office on a nice sunny Sunday, though, because Google Money Tree's offices are closed then! Also, other reports spoke of how the Customer Service department at Google Money Tree is always either missing or unavailable. Hmm...

What exactly does the Google Money Tree site offer for a product? What you get, should you happen to order this kit, is a listing of affiliate sites and links- the same kind you would find by searching affiliates online. You then have to write these affiliate sites and ask to post their ads and offers on your own Web sites. It isn't rocket science, and it's pretty much what any blogger or affiliate marketer already does on a daily basis, for free.

In conclusion, you'd be best served by not associating yourself with the Google Money Tree scam. Also, this site is in no way affiliated with Google.


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