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The Importance of Quality Website Content

Updated on January 5, 2014

Keys for Quality Content

  • Clear, concise information on the products and services pages.
  • Search-engine optimized information.
  • Call to action.

What is Quality?

Many people mistake a pretty website for one with quality content. Just because a website has bold colors, clear pictures, and streaming videos does not mean it is a high-quality one that people flock to daily. A great website that hosts hundreds, if not thousands, of readers daily has all the bells and whistles, but also has practical, applicable information.

In addition to quality content and information, website visitors are also looking to take action. Once they have digested the information and are ready to make a commitment to the products or services offered, they want to easily make their purchases. Therefore, content on a website needs to lead to some sort of action that readers can take right there on the spot.

Be clear about products and services delivered.
Be clear about products and services delivered. | Source

Products and Services

With tons of information at their fingertips, savvy consumers conduct a great deal of research online before committing to any large purchases of products and services. They do quite a bit of comparison shopping online, not only looking at the prices, but also considering customer reviews.

For a business website to thrive online, the content delivered to customers must be easy to find and comprehend. Clear product descriptions or service outlines are extremely helpful so consumers know exactly what they are looking at. It is best for each product or service to have its own page, to include a description and images or videos to best portray what the company has to offer.

More than anything, customers will look at what others have to say about the products and services provided. When there are many positive reviews, people tend to be more trusting. The positive reviews gives the companies credibility. These testimonials can either be collected on a separate page or scattered on each product or services page in review of each item.

The ultimate goal is for the customers to rely so much on the content that they will bookmark the webpage so they can return for more. Better yet, customers who like the webpage content may even share the information with their friends, increasing the business's sphere of influence.

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Search Engine Optimized Content

For a website to sit on the top of search engine lists, they need to contain information that has been optimized specifically in response to the latest algorithms. Taking the time to research keyword phrases pertaining to your niche is vital to the life of the website. The difficult thing to do in this situation is to get into the heads of people who might research the topic and try to figure out what phrases they would use.

Having SEO content is important for websites to make their way to the front page of search engine queries. Many online researches do not look beyond the first page of results before switching their phrase and looking for a slightly different perspective.

Good website construction is nothing without great content to draw in visitors.
Good website construction is nothing without great content to draw in visitors. | Source

Small Businesses and Content

When it comes to trying to find quality content, it is difficult for small business owners to dedicate personnel to the task of researching, writing, and posting the materials. There just simply are not enough resources to do so, especially when people are usually already wearing multiple hats in a small business.

As a result, the content on websites end up getting outdated, stale, or non-existent.

There are several options small business owners can take to fill the void and make sure the content on the company website attracts customers. If budgets are restricted, turning to different content websites such as iWriter and Constant Content might help. These sites allow people to purchase content at rather low prices.

With low prices, however, comes lower quality. For those looking for higher quality, freelance writers are an option. Most freelancers will contract with small business owners and work out a deal per job. As independent contractors, freelancers will not cost small business owners as much money as hiring someone to put on staff.

The Importance of Website Content

Where Does Your Website Stand?

It might be a great idea to take a moment, stop what you're doing, and reflect on how your website content is doing. Is it serving you as intended? Has it evolved with the rest of your business? Perhaps it is time to breathe new life into your website and update your content!


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