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The Importance of Recognizing Quality Achievements

Updated on November 6, 2010

Quality is an important characteristic for companies and organizations to have. It is not enough to state you have a quality product or quality service to your customers, it must be proven. Companies need to recognize within their structure when employees exhibit quality characteristics in what they do. This can be accomplished from an individual level, team level, department level or division level. Regardless of which level is involved when quality targets are achieved they need to be recognized accordingly. Quality is something to be proud of and recognizing employees quality work makes them feel they are appreciated for the effort they provide to their company or organization.

Recognizing quality achievements within a company is great but there are also measures society has in place to recognize quality achievements outside of companies or organizations. These measurements in some instances are not part of an evaluation process but are efforts to recognize quality achievements through an independent organization. Our country like other countries needs to have quality efforts both in products and service recognized not only within organizations but outside. The quality of products and services needs to get exposure so the public is generally aware of the efforts achieved by individuals and/or organizations.

The process of recognizing quality efforts must be defined with specific evaluation criteria. Creating mechanisms to recognize quality is important. Businesses and organizations must make sure that the process of recognizing quality does not become routine causing their value to be reduced. Another factor involved in recognizing quality achievements is to make sure that they are not merely a set of goals. Goals are great to have and quality principles and objectives should be a part of them but the achievements should not be ones that are easily obtained.

Achievements in quality add value to a business or organization. It is one characteristic that customers look for in making a decision to become a customer. Another point to make is what a quality achievement or award represents. There are many quality awards throughout the United States and the world and many have been recognized for what the award represents not only for individuals but also organizations. Today in these economic times it is important to have an edge as a business or organization. Achieving a quality level and being recognized for it outside of their organization is important. Competition today is all about quality products and services.

There are a few last points to make about recognizing quality achievements. For individuals, organizations or businesses that achieve measured quality levels they create a sense of pride for all those who are part of an organization or business. Another important point to make is achieving quality levels is the result of all employees not just a few. The quality of an organization is the result of those individuals who are part of it. Achieving quality levels requires the efforts of an entire organization or business and when they are achieved they must be properly recognized. Any company or organization that achieves quality levels does so with the contributions from all employees. Being recognized for quality products or services is something for which all businesses or organizations should strive.

Awards or recognition for quality achievements is important but they can only have one winner but when quality is achieved the business or organization is a winner and so are their customers. If we are part of an organization or business let us work together to deliver the best quality product or service we can. If we have a business we must have a policy of delivering quality products or services. Increasing the efforts by all of us to deliver quality products and services will benefit the organization or business of which we are a part and it will benefit those who are the customers. The unemployment figure of today has the potential of improving if the quality of the products or services being produced is increased or at high levels. Quality products and services are always in demand and when demand rises there is an increase need for employees to fill that demand.


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      jagat02 7 years ago

      Put in pics...nice article.