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The Instagram Marketing Expert

Updated on January 24, 2017


In truth, we all have problems marketing our goods, and the majority of the time we sign up to instagram believing that by showing off our products with pictures we can generate traffic and potential customers who would buy. However, most of the time we come back empty handed, and without the slightest signs of traffic that is so essential to our businesses.

Some choose to rather post pictures of themselves in hopes of looking attractive, showing off what you're up to, or maybe we just like to show the world something about us.

Whether you prefer using instagram as a place to market your services, or if it's for personal use only, either way it's no fun without followers, likes, or traffic.

There is some good news though! The easiest way of getting more people to view your page.

Hiring someone to help generate the traffic you need. I know just the person for the job, and at his extremely low price of only $5 you could have all the traffic you desire in only 3 days! Might I just say, I'm really grateful for the service he has done me, and creating this article to encourage his work is my way of saying thank you. And hopefully he'll gain some more traffic too!

His Description:

His services are as a professional instagram marketing expert who wants to do all the work for his customers, helping them interact and grow followers the right way by directly targeting the following of their competitors accounts and increase sales and engagement.

About His Gig:

Reading through his gig description, you will find that he is a very direct person, you get the sense that he wants to get the job done. And in my mind he's the perfect marketing expert for you.

His Full Gig Description, he writes:

"New to selling on fiverr which is why my price is such a bargain.

Like Photos (Buyer to specify Hashtag and Location targets)
Highly targeted to bring the right traffic to your page.
I can even be username specific to target the users of your competition!

Follow accounts (Also hashtag and location targeted)
The targeting this gig will provide outdoes any other seller on fiverr guaranteed.

Unfollow accounts
Don't worry I will not remove your friends or any accounts you follow prior to or whilst promotion is active.


Newer instagram accounts should choose the basic package

Account must have 10 posts minimum
Premium package for established accounts only (account has plenty of previous activity)

-Hashtag, location and niche information


Go Check Out His Gig on Fiverr:


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